West is shocked: BBC producer claims that Assad's «horrible chemical attack» shooting was a fake

West is shocked: BBC producer claims that Assad's «horrible chemical attack» shooting was a fake | Русская весна

BBC producer in Syria, Riam Dalati, unexpectedly made a sensation for the West: the creepy shots from the hospital after the “Assad’s chemical attack” in Douma in Eastern Ghouta in the spring of 2018 turned out to be staged. Le’s don’ forget that they were the cause of the strike by the US Coalition in the Arab Republic.

The BBC representative openly wrote about the deceptive performance in his official Twitter, causing certain stir in the media and social networks.

“After almost 6 months of investigation, I can without any doubt prove that the scene, taken in the hospital of the city of Douma, was fake. There were no deaths in the hospital,” Dalati writes.

He clarified: “All the White Helmets activists and people I spoke with are in the province of Idlib or in the Euphrates Shield region. Only one person was in Damascus.”

“The attack occurred, sarin was not applied, but we will have to wait until the OPCW can confirm whether there was chlorine or something else. However, everything else around the attack was fabricated to enhance the effect,” he added.

The famous Russian war reporter Alexander Kots emotionally commented on the situation:

“It took the BBC correspondent 6 (SIX!) Months of investigation to understand that the shootings at the Syrian Douma hospital after the himataki were staged. What did you have to do for six months to come to such an “unexpected” conclusion?!

Dear BBC, I think this correspondent just put you up for money. Half a year to feed on one topic. Well, oh wow! ”

As reported by “Russian Spring”, at the end of April 2018, “the boy killed by Assad’s chemical attack” told the details of the provocation. The child, issued in the performance of "White Helmets" for those who died during the chemical attack of the Syrian army in Duma, told the media about the false filming with his participation.

Recall that, 10 days after the accusations of the West against Damascus, Russia's permanent representative to the OPCW, Alexander Shulgin, reported the presence of irrefutable facts that there was no incident with the use of chemical weapons in Eastern Ghouta.

* terror organization banned in Russian Federation. 

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