«Deadly horror»: militants flee, RUAF laying Idlib flat? — what is happening (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

«Deadly horror»: militants flee, RUAF laying Idlib flat? — what is happening (PHOTOS, VIDEO) | Русская весна

Successful counter-offensive of Syrian Arab Army in Idlib province has reduced militants' morale to a minimum. Attempts to stop the offensive with the help of explosive jihad vehicles and massive shelling of Syrian positions failed, so SAA was therefore even more zealous in launching the offensive to free Idlib from terrorists.

However, the lost clashes in Idlib are forcing militants to move from the battlefields to social media and media sites.

Many people think that militants are just uneducated beasts who run into attack for the sake of an idea, although in fact there are professionals in IT, SMM and SEO among them.

It is these guerrillas that produce motivating content to raise combat spirits, reviews of air strikes by the Russian Air Force, which allegedly target civilians, as well as engage new supporters in social networks.

Using examples, we would like to review some «pratfalls» that say that video and photo materials are not «breaking news», as it is fashionable to say now, but nothing more than «fake news».

The first thing we would like to do is to analyze the video from the «R&U Videos» channel called «Air strikes on jihadi objects in Idlib».

This 12-minute clip contains highlights reel of air strikes by Russian Air Force on «Jabhat al-Nusra»* objects sourcing from various Telegram channels and Twitter accounts of the militants. The first thing that catches your eye is a clearly defined place where the bomb will be dropped. How is that, you ask? It's simple, the information about aircraft departures appears in a Telegram channel of the militants, who watch the direction of the departing aircraft from Khmeimim air base. The terrorists then identify the suspected targets (warehouses, bases, training camps) that could be hit, and at each position they display the guerrillas watching, often with good video equipment.

All the clips are filmed from afar, and the video clearly shows the use of a walkie-talkie, which is heard in Arabic: «Are you on position? It's about to hit!» In this way we get a lot of «unique content», which then spreads out well over the Internet under the pretext of civil population killing by RuAF in «Idlib» deescalation zone.

Now, as for the objects themselves, which are attacked by air strikes. Indeed, not all videos are staged, some of them are real, there are such pieces even in the video we are reviewing. It turns out strangely, but after RuAF attack on the long abandoned quarters, bearded Mujahideen immediately appear there and in a «peaceful» house, ammunition is bursting, which clearly indicates a weapon depot.

The second thing we would like to analyze is Twitter social network actively used by «Jabhat al-Nusra» militants. Militants' activity on this platform is explained by the lack of censorship.

When your channel can be blocked for any mention of terrorism on YouTube or Instagram, Twitter is extremely loyal and will offer to confirm your age iп anything, so that it can calmly demonstrate the atrocities of militants.

Now we should use search and enter Maaret al-Nu'man town (which is under the oppression of «Jabhat al-Nusra») in Arabic on Twitter, there will be footage of children being taken out from under the rubble by «White Helmets». One should pay attention that there are noе any drop of blood on the dusty clothes of the children who are trapped under the rubble.

Everyone who ran on garages' roofs as a child or simply fell on the asphalt knows that there is no escape from blood and there will be enough blood to dirty your clothes. However, «White Helmets» do not pay attention to such subtleties and continue to shoot fake videos, and the militants eagerly retweet these messages. Don't forget the Douma fake chemical attack, which was also organized by the organization and triggered an airstrike by the U.S. coalition on civilian areas across Syria that resulted in hundreds of deaths.

And the last moment, I would like to draw attention to are the photos from the pages of the main official news agency of Turkey «Anadolu Agency», which is not squeamish to work with «Syrian National Army» militants, as well as to pour oil into the fire at any actions of the Syrian troops or RuAF air strikes.

Turkish media has once again decided to demonize the Syrian government troops. The photo published by «Anadolu» shows the consequences of the strike on «Al-Qahah» refugee camp, which is located near the border with Turkey.

Initially, the Russian Air Force was accused of everything, then the Syrian aviation, the extreme version was the use of tactical missile system «Tochka-U» by the Syrian Arab army. The head units have different variations: from chemical cassette to nuclear.

If we consider an option that would be logical to apply — it is 9H123F — a fragmentation-demolition one, which carries 162.5 kg of explosives and an area of about 3 hectares.

It should be understood that 3 hectares is not 2 tents, which are depicted above, an honest half of this camp would have burned. In fact, you can see on the photo that the strike was spotted and such a strike could have been only with the use of an unmanned aerial vehicle.

This action could only have been taken by Turkey itself in order to create an informational pretext to promote the thesis about the Syrian army's attacks on civilians.

The militants are retreating to liberate the captured settlements in Idlib, but this does not stop them from continuing the war in the information field.

There will be more daily video showing RuAF bombings, information about the deaths of civilians and the sentimental footage increasing the turnover to attract the attention of the world community and to suggest that the Russian AF and the Syrian Arab army are carrying death and destruction. However, the militants will be defeated no matter what.

* terrorist organization banned in Russian Federation

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