Spiegel serves ISIS: the Europeans are fooled about real situation in Mosul and Aleppo (PHOTOS; VIDEO)

Spiegel serves ISIS: the Europeans are fooled about real situation in Mosul and Aleppo (PHOTOS; VIDEO) | Русская весна

Western media keep on using overt propaganda and providing fake “evidences” of «Russia’s crimes in Aleppo» from one side and «Western coalition’s ssuccess in Iraq» from the other side.

«Russian Spring» has reported these manipulations more than once however European journalists and their colleagues from across the ocean do not seem to change style of work.

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Influential German edition Spiegel in its glaring piece published on October 26 felt free to use footage from ISIS* propaganda videos to show their readers peaceful picture of Mosul and persudae them that humanitarian situation in the city is no reason to worry.

Author of that review is Spiegel Online political editor Christof Sydow speakes about Syrian Aleppo and Iraqi Mosul claimimg that there is a “huge difference” between the two places.

Sydow claims that the Syrian authorities want to “opress riot in Aleppo” and they “deliberately” demolish civilian objects in the city. US-led Western coalition in Mosul carries out “precise strikes” on ISIS terrorists’ positions “avoiding civilian casualties”.

Speaking of Aleppo the German expert shows depressive pictures of destroyed vuildings but when it comes to Mosul he showas a footage of quite normal life of Iraqi «IS capital»: people strolling freely in the steets, visiting cafes, there are cars on the roads.

And it woud be okay unless these serene footage from Mosul is a compilation of ISIS propagandist videos spread by the terrorists some time before.

It’s interesting that even in Germany the perception was quite critical: the editor’s office and Christof Sydow himself were criticized harshly both by Internet users and by BILDblog independent community team.

This community unites various journalists and debunks fakes in German press since 2004.

BILDblog dedicated an investigation to that scandalous Spiegel’s Mosul piece and showed how the analyst of the leadeing German media bases himself upon terrorists’ propaganda videos.

«If "Spiegel Online" claims terrorists’ propaganda  as on materials thay can hardly put something up against harsh critics blaiming them for "spiegel-propaganda"», — such a conclusion is drawn by BILD blog’steam.

As a result Spiegel had to admit that the isea of using ISIS video and keep it secret was doubtful.

«It was a mistake not to indicate a source. It is reclaimed », — this was posted at Spiegel’s official Twitter account.

Still Spiegel tried to justify their fraud but it was quite clumsy:

«We refer not only to ISIS video but also to local residents’ information. However that cannot film wothout risking theirl ives», — Spiegel says. 

How comes that the civilians can easiy make photos and film videos of “Russian aviation’s crimes in Eastern Aleppo”, not only to film but also to transfer the footage to the foreign press. And the same thing becomes absolutely impossible in Iraqi Mosul.

Still one has to admit that that ISIS video incident is fading in comparison to geopgraphic epic fail of French permanent mission to the UN.

French prmanent mission official Twitter page tweeted about «two hospitals destroyed by airstrikes in Aleppo» (of course Syrian AF supported by Russian AF were blaimed for that) and enclosed a photo made in Palestinian Gaza Strip (!) two years ago.

The next «Russian Spring’s» piece will be dedicated to that matter.

* terror organization banned in Russian Federation.

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