KIEV IN PANIC: Tymoshenko declares Third Maidan, emergency govt committee prepares martial law (VIDEO)

KIEV IN PANIC: Tymoshenko declares Third Maidan, emergency govt committee prepares martial law (VIDEO) | Русская весна

Ukrainian law enforcement and security agencies are preparing for possible protest actions in the country. A headquarters for responding to a surge of protest activities has been established at the base of the National Security and Defense Committee of Ukraine. This has been confirmed by Ukrainian journalists close to the headquarter’s structures.

Among the planned measures is a crackdown on protest actions and the introduction of martial law in Kiev if the situation deteriorates to armed confrontation.

The headquarters is headed by the national security committee’s secretary, Alexander Turchynov. According to insider sources, the special structure also includes Defense Minister Arsen Avakov, General Prosecutor Yuri Lutsenko, Chief of General Staff Viktor Muzhenko, SBU and intelligence representatives, and also people’s deputy Sergey Pashinsky.

The first meeting of the headquarters took place on Sunday at the presidential administration. Several resolutions were adopted.

The police have been ordered not to allow vehicles transporting protesters into the capital. Kiev authorities and law enforcement have been ordered to by all means prevent equipment and tents from being set up on the Maidan. The municipality is supposed to seek a court ban on holding mass actions in the center of the capital in order to enact this.

MP’s from the coalition factions in parliament (the Petro Poroshenko Bloc and People’s Front) have been suggested to organize private security detachments out of athletes and staff to help security forces disperse actions if necessary.

Intelligence services and the SBU have been tasked with investigating evidence of a “Russian trace” in the planned protests. They have also been instructed to look into shutting down TV channels and blocking internet sites.

If all of these measures do not have the desired effect and protests are held on a large scale with the blockade of administrative buildings, then security forces could receive the order to disperse protests and arrest their leaders. Detachments of the National Guard, Armed Forces, and SBU special forces have been proposed to carry out such operations.

At the headquarters meeting, the National Security and Defense Committee of Ukraine was instructed to prepare draft legislation on the imposition of martial law and a curfew in Kiev, sources have reported.

The most likely pretext for protests will be the so-called “shock bills”, according to which as of October new prices are to be introduced for heating. Earlier, the Cabinet of Ministers raised them by 75-90%. Now, heating a two-bedroom apartment costs approximately 1,500 hryvnia, while the average salary is in the range of only 5,000 hryvnia.

Earlier, authorities also raised the prices for electricity, gas, and cold water. Videos taken by locals have captured columns of military vehicles moving in the direction of Kiev.

Translation courtsey – J. Arnoldski, originally posted at RusVesna

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