Bloody slaughter: US-trained elite forces kill Mosul residents — CNN report (VIDEO 18+)

Bloody slaughter: US-trained elite forces kill Mosul residents — CNN report (VIDEO 18+) | Русская весна

CNN reports shows US trained Iraqi elite forces kiling civilians and risking many people's lives during battles agaisnt ISIS for Mosul.​

«CNN reporters visited the thick of combat along with Iraqi special elite forces during Mosul offensive. Более чем 28 часов корреспондент CNN reporter Arwa Damon and photojournalist Brici Laine spent more than 28 hours with Iraqi special forces during their push into ISIS-held Mosul».

The video shows some kind of a hard routine chronicle of Iraqi elite forces fighting against ISIS terrorists.

But the camera caught not only brave action of Iraqi elite forces but also gross misakes which caused civilians’ death. We would like to remind that Iraqi anti-terror squads are being trained by American instructors.

Sergey Ivanov, military expert who previously served in special unit kindly commented on the video exclusively for «Russian Spring».

«1:19–1:21 fire engageg on the building with civilians inside, white flag is raised.

1:52–1:54 — civilian vehicle is being crashed down, it did not hinder the traffic.

2:39–3:00 — an ederly man, a taxi driver who was crossing the street is shot down deliberately. He died in front of the journalists. The Iraqi commandos explained that “the man was in the wrong place at the wrong time”.

3:12–3:16 — random indiscriminate fire is being opened within city limits despite the fact that women and children could still be there as we see it at 3:34–3:37.

9:13–9:16 — sniper shot down an elderly man standing next to a girl; woman’s scream is heard at 9:26. 

Iraqi military can easily break into civilian houses terrifying civilians and making them hide», — expert ended up.


* terror organization banned in Russian Federation

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