Civilian woman wounded as Kiev shells Elenovka

Civilian woman wounded as Kiev shells Elenovka | Русская весна

A civilian woman was injured as Kiev shelled the area of Elenovka south-west of Donetsk, told “Russian Spring” a military source.

“The shelling started today at 7.30 a.m. A civilian woman sustained shrapnel wounds. She was travelling from Donetsk to Dokuchaevsk in a bus and was injured near Elenovka checkpoint.”

The woman was urgently brought to Donetsk Trauma Centre, her condition is yet unknown.

DPR authorities could not immediately reach the site as the shelling continued. The information is to be updated. Preliminary reports say some households were damaged in Elenovka.

The victim is Malikova Natalya, 52, got leg wound, the bullet is already retreived. 

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