Israel spent $ 17 mln treating Syrian militants

Israel spent $ 17 mln treating Syrian militants | Русская весна

On February 27, the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu said that he «want to extend medical assistance to the wounded Syrians».

According to him, in 2013, four Israel hospitals cured 2,278Syrians thathave been wounded on the battlefield. Assistance for the Syrian patients is provided in four hospitals, located in the northern part of the country, «the Rambam» in Haifa; «Ziv» in Zefat; «Poria» in Tiberias; Western Galilee Hospital in Nahariya.

It is not difficult to trace the path of the wounded «Syrian citizens».

1. Getting injured as a member of an illegal armed formation «Jabhat al-Nusra» in battles against government troops in the southern province of Daraa.

2. Evacuation to the field hospital established by Israel in the Golan Heights under control of Special Forces.

3. Providing of emergency medical assistance and sendingunder the protection of IDF (IsraeliDefenseForces) soldiers to the one of stationary hospitals in the north of the Jewish state.

According to available information, Israeli soldiers regularly evacuate wounded jihadists, delivering them to the Israeli field hospital and further into the hospitals, where experts in emergency medicine save lives of those who recently were taking lives of Syrian civilians in the town of Daraa.

Israeli doctors say that the treatment of Syrians is much more expensive than treatment of Israelis. This is due to the fact that «patients» from Syria come to the hospital a few days after getting injured.

By this time, the condition of the wounded getting worse. According to a source, money for the treatment is provided to Israel by some states of the Arabian Peninsula. For Israel, the recovery of the combat capability of militants is just a bloody business. Against the backdrop of the ongoing targeted sponsorship and providing of the militants by certain countries, the Israeli Druze (an Arabic Islamic Shiite syncretic sect) declared that Israel treat the militants of organization «Jabhat al-Nusra » and even some high-ranking members of DAESH.

«Nusra» kill their compatriots in Syria, and Israel’s Druze do not understand neither «higher considerations» no great material benefits, explaining the necessity of friendship between Jewish State and «jihadists.» Recently, the Israeli Druze claimed that if Israel will continue their friendship with «jihadist», they would have to take the militants out of the hospitals into the streets. After this kind of statement, armedrepresentatives of IsraeliDefenseForces appearednear each hospital.

This fact once again confirms that representatives of Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Finance and other executive authorities of Israel know who arethese «wounded Syrians». In addition, it is clear that terrorist organizations fighting with the Syrian government — is another way to replenish the country’s budget, which regularly grows with every year of conflict in Syria, and helps Israel to achieveits geopolitical interests in the region.

Israel spent $ 17 mln treating Syrian militants | Русская весна
Israel spent $ 17 mln treating Syrian militants | Русская весна
Israel spent $ 17 mln treating Syrian militants | Русская весна
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