26.5.14 — Donetsk bloody Monday (VIDEO)

26.5.14 — Donetsk bloody Monday (VIDEO) | Русская весна

DPR Ministry of Information released a film dedicted to the 3rd anniversary of Ukrainian air raid on Donetsl residential quarters and airport which marked the beginning of war.

People of Donetsk tell about what they remember from that black day, how they saw pilot of the Ukrainian killer helicopters from their balconies.

«There is only one truth in this world — the death. Any ruler can escape it and will answer before God for everything he has done here», — sayd Donetsk muslim standing in the mosque which was under Ukrainenian artillery fire more than once.

May 25, 2014 was the day of presidential elections in Ukraine, Donbass didn’t vote, Poroshenko won. The next day, May 26th streets of Donetsk were covered with blood and bodies of its residents.

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