Anti-Maidan activist Yury Apukhtin jailed by Poroshenko regime

Anti-Maidan activist Yury Apukhtin jailed by Poroshenko regime | Русская весна

Ukrainian court sentenced Yury Apukhtin, organizer of "South-East" anti-maidan and anti-fascist movement to six years in jail. 

“6 years in prison for calling for the RESTORATION OF CONSTITUTIONAL ORDER (and this is what Apukhtin actively encouraged during the Kiev Maidan, and beyond)!!! Almost all of the ‘accusation’ was based on the testimony of one man who was then convicted and admitted that he had testified under pressure. Yes, also in the case materials there is the conclusion of a certain Lyudmila Pedchenko (head of department of the Russian language in Kharkov University), which saw in the calls of Apukhtin for federalism and the provision of State-status for language, which this Pedchenko teaches, ‘a very negative picture of the power that may indirectly serve as a call to overthrow the constitutional order’ (think about the wording!),” – writes another anti-fascist activist of Donbass Vladimir Kornilov.

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