It's shocking: EU gave Euro 10 mln to raise kids under Sharia law in Syria (PHOTO)

It's shocking: EU gave Euro 10 mln to raise kids under Sharia law in Syria (PHOTO) | Русская весна

EU allocated Euro 10 000 000 for raising kids under radical Sharia law in the cities controlles by terrorists.

European Commission issued press-release «New European Union Support for Education in Syria» in May. It says that «the European Union will provide €10 million to support Education Directorates in opposition-held areas in Syria», in particular in the provinces of Idlib, Aleppo, Deraa and Damascus.

The money will be allocated uder the Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace. The money are said to «help the Education Directorates to meet the basic living needs of the teachers and staff as well as to address issues of access and quality to schooling». This meant to protect civic space in Syria and help to prevent radicalisation.

All the aforementioned territories controlled by the so called rebels ruled under Sharia law.

Idlib, «resisting radicalisation»:

North of Aleppo — all power structures are formed involving «Muslim Brotherhood»*, the situation in general is controlled by the Islamists. 

West of Aleppo and Idlib  — militants from the same structures plus terror organization «Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham», established after «Jabhat an-Nusra»* merged with «Аhara ash-Sham» radicals. One may judge their attitude twards education by the photo made in rge Eastern Aleppo in 2013, there are similar photos from Idlib.

Despite quarrels between the illegal armed group thereis one point on which they stand united – education under radical Sharia law.

In Damascus (East Ghouta)  — wahabiites belonging to «Jayish al-Islam» and «Faylak ar-Rahan» connected with both «Mislim Brotherhood» and «Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham». Isn’t it obvious that all of them are big fans of «preventing radicalisation».

In Deraa where there may be «Syrian Interim Government» but «Horan Justice House» nurtures Sharia law in its most radical interpretation.

Recently released video showing rapist execution with active participation of the «White Helmets» clearly shows the priorities of local education.

Though radical Islamist concepts don’t go well with every school subjects that is why the militants let the teacher do their jobs on the assumption that they do not interfere in the ideological part of the studies. They do not prevent school teachers to receive salary from al-Assad’s government.

In East Aleppo as shown on the video dated April 2013 by «Ahrar ash-Sham» included into «Al-Jabha Al-Islamiya Аs-Suriya» («Syrian Islamic Front»), girls in middle school are covered in burqas — which was rare before according to the Syrians.

There are flags of «Ahrar ash-Sham» and «Al-Jabha Al-Islamiya Аs-Suriya» (Salaphite-Jihadi branch of «Muslim Brotherhood» influence detected here) on the desks.

Boys are raised шт the spirite of Salaphite interpretations of Islam. (Let us remember some local resident telling «Spegel» after liberation — «he took his sons from school after the Islamists had come and he still could not cope with they had been taught there»).

School in East Aleppo controlled by militants, 2013 г.

* terror organization banned in Russian Federation

It's shocking: EU gave Euro 10 mln to raise kids under Sharia law in Syria (PHOTO) | Русская весна
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