«SSA head weeps like a girl»: «Al-Qaeda» mountain prison, executions and underground tortures of Syrian «opposition»

«SSA head weeps like a girl»: «Al-Qaeda» mountain prison, executions and underground tortures of Syrian «opposition» | Русская весна

«Opposition» media activists take record of their yesterday’s allies  — «Al-Qaeda»* terrorists’ crimes. They have even created a special media-resource for that.

The islamists have published information on Il-Iqab prison on Thursday, the prison’s located in mountain stronghold Jebal Zaviya to the West of Idlib.

According to the latest data 90 people are being kept in that prison, 35 more members of «Faylaq ash-Sham» illegal armed group captures by «Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham» during clashed in the north of Hama province, have been released after long negotiations. There is an underground floor, 35 metres deep where «Free Syrian Army’s» commandrs are being kept among the others. 

Colonel Ahmad Qanatri who had defected from SAA died of hunger and tortures 75 after he was put in prison. 

Former SSA commander Nidal Hadzh Ali is being kept there at the moment. He was captures in his own house in Kinsyfr. The islamists reported he cried like a little girl after he was punished.  

Abu Abdallah Al-Holi is kept in prison with an adjourned sentence. 

Abdallah Qantar has spent 2 years шт a one-man underground cell for bwing one of SSA commanders fighting against «Nusra»*. 

Osama Tousef Al-Hadr, «Liwa Asifat Alhazm» illegal armed group commander, part of SSA «101 division» was captures in Kafr Nobl 9 months ago and has incurred various physical punishments since then.

Abu Hadija Suran is known for his cruelty among jailers. He and his accomplices held Osama for ransom with an amount of more than USD 500 mln from his relatives. 

Some other SSA commanders being kept in that prison who were tortured: Musa Abdallah, Bashar Yaseen Assuweid, Ahmad Abu Rihal, colonel As’ad Ajeeni.


* terror organiztion banned in Russian Federation.

Количество просмотров: 102
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