IMPORTANT: Militants entrapped in a pocket near Damascus undertook chemical weapon provocation, — intelligence

IMPORTANT: Militants entrapped in a pocket near Damascus undertook chemical weapon provocation, — intelligence | Русская весна

June 22 in the evening terrorists of «Faylaq ar-Rakhnam» and «Аl-Qaeda» undertook a provocation using chemical weapon in Damascus suburbs.

This was told to Syria-based correspondent by an officer of Mukhabarat military intelligence.

«Tonight «Faylaq ar-Rakhman» released statement claiming that chemical weapon was allegedly used against them in Jobar region.  

Ultimate goal of this provocation is to accuse Syrian governemental forces of using warfare poisonous agents which supposedly led to civilians’ death», — serviceman said. 

«This is how illegal armed groups entrapped in a pocket near Damascus hope to invite aggression against Syrian Arab army from the side of the USA», — underlined a source of

News outlets of the so called «opposition» have already started to hype this information ckaiming that militant’s positions in Jobar had been attacked with chlorine gas.

Mukhabarat officer has also said that counterintelligence agents intercepted SMS messages of the milutants, indicating the provocation is being prepared:

А1: «Lethal (militants’ chemical weapon) where is it? How many?»
А2: «Soon, wait for a signal. 10 (barrels), as arranged. Has to be enough».
А1: «How should we store it?»
А2: «As usual, don’t open them without respiratory masks».
А1: «Understood, we start as soon as we get a signal».
А2: «Fine».

«Faylaq ar-Rakhman» is the main ally of Syrian «Аl-Qaeda».

As reported by before «Jabhat an-Nusra»* (Syriam branch of «Аl-Qaeda»*) and its allies have beeen preparing a provocation like that since January.

The terrorists were preparing to fire SAA positions and draw retirn fire simultaneously with blasting chlorine tanks. After that previously prepared news and footage were to be spread in social media.

The terrorists intensified public outreach attempts concerning alleged chemical attacks from the side Syrian Arab army soon after US missile strike on Khan-Sheikhoun airbase in Idlib.

In April “opposition” media wing released a number of videos accusing Syrian Arab army of using warfare chemical agents in East Ghouta (see video below). But those weak propaganda pices have not reached their aim and have not been caught by Westerm MSM.

But terrorists don’t give up and try to organize new provocations.


* Запрещенная на территории РФ террористическая организация.

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