Shocking fakes: Body lice and signs of heroin use from chemical weapons? (VIDEO, PHOTO)

Shocking fakes: Body lice and signs of heroin use from chemical weapons? (VIDEO, PHOTO) | Русская весна

«Failaq Al-Rahman» terrorists (main ally of «Al Qaeda» in Damascus area) have once again stated that they were allegedly attacked with chemical weapons in Eastern Ghouta by Syrian government forces. 

Propagandist militants published a series of photos and a video from the scene.
This time, the terrorists decided to shock the world, saying that exposure to sarin has caused lice and asphyxia (impaired respiratory function).​

We emphasize that pediculosis is a case of body lice, a parasitic skin disease. It turns out that the «new secret sarin» of the Syrian army makes people get lice. This discovery is worthy of a Nobel Prize!                           

Moreover, in the pupil of the alleged victim, a light is being reflected. It is known that exposure to bright light constricts the human pupil. An official source in the Syrian army said what is being circulated in social networks is no more than a provocation.

Heroin and sarine in their eyes 

Then terrorists’ propaganda published interesting pictures, which show the militants with constriction of pupil which has to prove toxic substances impact.

This has already been laughed off in social networks comparing with junkies’ photos after using heroin. 


One may also see reflected light in the pupil and on the skin. It is basic knowledge that bright light especially directed right in the eye constricts human pupil. 

Official source in the Syrian Arab army commented the case especially for «Russian Spring». He called that “nothing more but a provocation”.

The source reminded that SAA is not armed with chenical weapon. he added that the Islamist militants to provoke military intervention (new attacks from the side of the USA) and discredit the latest SAA victories. 

As reported by «Russian Spring», the same allegations were made by the same terror group on Jule 1. But that didn’t work — Western MSM and politicians did not support terrorists. 

Last time «Faylaq ar-Rakhman» claimed that chlorine gas had been used against them in Ein-Tarma, Jobar and Zamalka.  

                 22.06.2017 г.                                    01.07.2017 г.                                   02.07.2017 г.  

Main aim of this provocation remains the same — to blame Syrian Army once again for using chemical weapons banned by international conventions.

Thus terrorists’ leaders suffering bad losses in Damascus suburbs are hoping to  надеются вызвать новую агрессию против Вооруженных сил Сирии со стороны США.

But those badly directed plots have not been caught by MSM so terrorists’ propaganda hasn’t hit the target. However terrorists are not going to give up and keep on organizing more and more provocations.

Photographs posted by terrorists remain the same.

Photo dated July 14, 2017

Photo dated July 1, 2017

* terror organization banned in Russian Federation 

Shocking fakes: Body lice and signs of heroin use from chemical weapons? (VIDEO, PHOTO) | Русская весна
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