Tallinn «Immortal regiment» organizer fired for «criticizing NATO» and helping Donbass

Tallinn «Immortal regiment» organizer fired for «criticizing NATO» and helping Donbass | Русская весна

One of Tallinn «Immortal regiment» and «March for Peace organizers and activists was fired by a scpecial command.

«When I got back to work today after vacation I was met at the door and fired immediately due to my «activity which discredits company’s reputation», —  tells Allan on his Facebook page.

«It turned out that somebody from ‘above’ contacted with management of OÜ T-Tammer, where I have been working until today, and asked how it was possible to have contract for constructing NATO military camp near Tapa and an employee who overtly criticized NATO and state policy, who helped unrecognized republics of Donbass», — Allan says.

Hantsom told that his managers were even sent a document containing detailed link on the Internet. That document was enclosed to dismissal order.

He said there was not-so-subtle hint about choosing between half a million worth contract with Defense Ministry and «faulty employee».

«Managers of the company decided not to engage into confrontation and fired me having shaken my hand firnly and said something like “We’re so sorry to lose an employee lie you but you have to understand…”.

Well I have. As much as I have understood Estonian KGB oficerSerhey Viktorovich Kingisepp who arrived to Estonia back in June 1940».

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