Google overtly manipulatess data but Russian liberals view Yandex as global threat 

Google overtly manipulatess data but Russian liberals view Yandex as global threat  | Русская весна

Yandex has been facing wave of criticism from the side of the so called Russian opposition in 2017.

Navalniy supporters blamed the biggest IT-company in Russia for plotting with the authorities because information about recent mass protests in Russia had not appeared in Yandex News storylines for at least 5 hours.  

To begin with it stands to mention that nobody else but Yandex employees were the active core of mass protests in 2012. The company put a blind eye to absence in the office and encouraged participation in opposition's protests in every possible way. That is the main reason one can hardly blame that company for cuddling with Kremlin. 

The company has strict decision procedures for choosing storylines which appear on the main page of Yandex web search engine. It is hard to assume some extermal manipulation because intervention into decision procedures could spell literally a disaster including failure of trust from the side of investors. 

At the same time if we have a closer look at Google search quality evaluator guidelines we may find a lot of interesting stuff in Section 7 in Part One — Lowest quality pages. 

If we read the section carefully we see that every information which doesn't coincide with authorities' official position on «crucial points» and the information given by more reputed media (as CNN, ABC, New-Yorker) — arу admitted as untrustworthy and get lowered in search results list.

Basically every information which asessor considers to be untrustworthy or every web page of «extremely negative or malicious reputation» according to asessor's opinion would be just lowered in search engine results. That is the reason why there is a substancial imbalance in the USA for the benegit of liberal media — Google just shows them first and web sites advocating conservative values have to drag behind in news storylines and serach engines' results. 

Info: Asessor — specialist, amployee of the search engines whose task is asessing search results produced by a search bot.

That is exactly why Donald Trump did not rely on Google. The search engine has just hidden links to friendly web sites even if they disproved false CNN stories. Fakenews from any big-name media attacking Trump were top-proirity for Google other than documented information from any other media.

Trump had zero chances for winning this information war against Google, that is why he places his nets on social media and cut expenditures on search engine promotion.

Well thet's how Google overtly manipulates data with the help of its asessors but Russian liberals still view Yandex as global evil as it's easier to criticize «home-made product» other than face up the hard truth.

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