Syria: ISIS bedouin «special forces» trained by US (PHOTO)

Syria: ISIS bedouin «special forces» trained by US (PHOTO) | Русская весна

Arabian bedouin nomad tribes have been striving to control Syria for thousands years. 

First they imposed taxes on landowners to pass caravans throught their territories. Now they are interested in ilegal traffic and oil production rent. 

As modern stathood emerged in Iraq and Syria one-time power of Anaz, Shammar, Bakkar tribes and other bedouins unions was challenged. Main profits from controlling vast territories have been lost, auhorities have been trying to discourage bedouins from criminality drive them off to normal civil life.

However American agression and uprise of ISIS* gave new chance to those who want war and pofit among the bedouins. 

USA used bedouins to oppose Iran's influence on the debris of occupied Iraq. They have trained a sort of bedouin «special forces» — mobile groups moving on pickup truckes equipped with heavy machine guns. Those groups are able to travel tens and hundreds miles a day, emerge behind enemy’s lines and perform raids. 

Several years after sheikhs of some tribes along with  those «special forces» sided with ISIS. This was awarded by Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi by a share in oil fields and ileal traffic routes including Syria’s East, on the right bank of Euphrate. 

Huge advantage of those clans were their kin and business relations throughout all Middle East. This provides them agents in many regions of Syria and Iraq.  

War between ISIS and «Al-Qaeda» and recruiting tribe leaders 

Rise of ISIS and its сonflict with Syrian «Al-Qaeda»* («Front an-Nusra») шт the East of Syria in 2014 had devastating aftermath, it led to internal strife which lasted many months.

Clans of Egidat tribe broke into those who supported ISIS and those who prefered Nusra. Al-Baqir clan decided to side with ISIS, al-Buqamel clan sided with «Jabhat an-Nusra»*. Sheytat clans united forces with Syrian «Al-Qaeda» agaisnt ISIS. That war resulted in «Nusra» defeat which also meant defeat for those clans who joined it. Many bedouins were forced out from their territories, many of them have been killed by ISIS terrorists.

At the same time ISIS chiefs have always wanted to hook tribal youth. Terrorists have been preparing a whole propaganda video series where Baggara, Egidat, Jabbur and Bu Shaan swear loyalty to «khalif».

ISIS chiefs are well aware of the fact that tribal structue has changed a lot, new generatiion deny traditional patriarchal authority. That is why therrorirsts seduce young tribal leaders with share in oil trade and illegal traffic and with promises of high posts in occupied territories. That is why ISIS chiefs appointed Ali as-Sakha as Raqqa security service. Hi in his turn started recruiting young men from his tribe intoISIS gangs.

Tribes fight with foreign mercenaries in ISIS

Realtions between foreign jihadists and tribal unions have always been complicated. Skirmshes were no a rare case so terrorists had to resort to persecution to restore order. Besides those who sided with ISIS paid high price for thei new profit — they took part in liquidation of those who did not want to side with terrorists. Like Deir-az-Zor defenders from Howeytat tribe.

Now that ISIS project in Syria and Iraq is almost over there is new use of tribal «special forces». Due to their connection to the Americans those fighters were able to leave Raqqa and Deir-az-Zor to the South to Abukemal and Al-Qaim cities in the area of Iraqi-Syrian border. Kurdish armed groups from US-backed «Syrian democratic forces» often blink at «ISIS» groups moving around the area.

So the fighters from tribes which supported ISIS before regroup and make deals with the Americans. Kin relations among the so called Syrian opposition are very helpful there. In particular in Syrian desert near At-Tanf American base.

From the side of At-Tanf several hundreds of thugs were trying to reach East Qalamun, but were stopped by governmental forces near Al-Quraytayn.

That is why rumours about ISIS fighters being trained in At-Tanf to perform attacks in government-controlled territory have some grond. Jordan closed its border in August 2016 because of ISIS-linked fighters in Er-Rukban camp situated near At-Tanf.  

So in the nearest future ISIS fighters may appear in Southern Syrian provinces. Because main American task now is to divide Syrian state and not to allow governmental forces beyond Euphrate. Destabilizing the situation near Damascus with the help of experienced ISIS fighters may seem quite a modern and fresh decision to American overseers.

Syrian military and political expert, esp. for «Russian Spring»


* terror organization banned in Russian Federation

Syria: ISIS bedouin «special forces» trained by US (PHOTO) | Русская весна
Syria: ISIS bedouin «special forces» trained by US (PHOTO) | Русская весна
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