Investgation: Evidence of Russian «agression» in Syria are bought for heroine dose (ФОТО)

Investgation: Evidence of Russian «agression» in Syria are bought for heroine dose (ФОТО) | Русская весна

Aleppo journalist Riyad fareed Hijab ound out how Western propaandists buy «witnesses of  RuAF and SAA agression» for heroine dose.  

Доклады организации, на которые в дальнейшем опираются лидеры таких стран, как США и Британия, формируются на основе фотографий, сделанных за одну дозу дезоморфина.

Many common people of Syrian Deir az-Zor wait impatiently for final victory of Syrian army over terrorism. Almost everyone on the banks of Euphrates realizes what kind of a hell woud reign over Syrian Arab republic without Russian military. 

Nevertheless there are some common Syrian who went mad living in the middle of the war or who are plain enemies of their homeland. Some of them cannot live without hard drugs like heroine or desomorphine. 

Your humble narrator had a chance of meeting of of them. His name was Isra and he told me that he had not leave even in the darkes days of war. At somepoint he ealized that the sense leaves him and that was the moment hen one of the Afghans fighting for terrorists offered him a «miraculous» injection to ease his suffering.

While islamists were killing his friends and relatives, raped his elder daughter he was living peacefully as desomorphine injection solved all the problems.

Whet it became clear that Deir az-Zor thugs’ days are coming to an end the drugs Isra could not find drugs anymore. Begging one of the islamists to give him another “fix” Isra got a full clip poured into his limbs.

That’s how he was found by some «well-wisher» who promised to supply Isra with any drugs he may want till the end of his days. Moreover that generous mister promised to help Isra’s underaged daughter. All that he wanted instead was nothing impossible. Isra just had to say a couple of words to the camera and take a photo with is daughter. One of the conditions was total silence. Noone had to know about the deal. 

Althought after a small "down payment” in the form of single dose of a drug the wellwisher dissapeared. That is why Isra told me the story.

Trying to set up my house after retuning to Aleppo I have already forgotten that short conversation in cheap roadside cafe on my way to Deir az-Zor. But! Imagine my surprise when scrolling throught Twitter I came across my my casual acquaintance.

On the photo he is depicted with his daughter who really loves him very much.

But there is a small detail: Isra suffered from terrorists occupied his hometown Deir az-Zor but not from Bashar al-Assad’a army or Russia forces. They have nothing to do with that poor Syrian’s tragedy

The photo was posted by West-loved oranization as Syrian observatory for human rights.

Here I have to explane that everybody from Mideterranian shore to Euphrates banks know that the NGO has nothing to do with human rights and Syria

Its numerous membes and staff are British citizens and live in London since long time. One of the main ideologists of the organization Mister Abdurrakhman runs small fastfood cafe.

Well I have known that journalists and bloggers can publish unreliable information sometimes even deliberate lie. But even I am astonished by the fact that the reports referred to by the USA and Bitain are prepared on the basis of photos made for one desomorphine dose.

Riyad Fareed Hijab, Aleppo, Syria 

Riyad Fareed Hijab (born 1987). Was born in Aleppo. Gaduated from Sankt-Petersburg State university. Returned to Syria in 2017.

Investgation: Evidence of Russian «agression» in Syria are bought for heroine dose (ФОТО) | Русская весна
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