Nonfeminine Art: Syrian Beauties Combat the IS Beasts (PHOTO)

Nonfeminine Art: Syrian Beauties Combat the IS Beasts (PHOTO) | Русская весна

Since 2013 in the Syrian Arab Republic women have been fighting side by side with male servicemen.

They are mothers, wives, sisters and even young girls who have just come of age. They left their houses to defend their country. Many of them have already lost their closed ones and they could not condone it to the IS and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists. Though they seem to be ethereal creatures at first sight, now they are paying to terrorists with their own coin. During the years of the war Syrian female snipers’ and machine-gunners’ bullets killed more than 3 000 militants.

War changes the laws of a peacetime. Something that may seem unnatural in everyday life is the norm during the war. The time when the sky is torn by shells and houses can get ruined at any moment and become a stone trap or a grave for its residents leaves traces on people’s fates. There are no people who are indifferent to these terrible events. It was like that during the Great Patriotic War and it remains the same here and now in Syria.

During the armed conflict with the terrorists and defectors everyday life was conditioned by the war. Finally the Syrian government were force to create women’s paramilitary units that would cover the regular army in important sectors.

The mobilization of women was voluntary, nevertheless there were a lot of those who wanted to punish the IS. Representatives of the fair sex got enrolled into the units for various reasons. Some lost their husbands, others lost their fathers or brothers, still others were answering the call of duty to stop the bloodshed.

At that moment no one thought that women’s battalions could be such a powerful force. They were fighting together with men and worthily tolerated the deprivations of military service.

The first women’s units were formed in 2019 within the Government Forces. Today the total number of women exceeds the regiments and equals to 2 000 people. Of course, this is not so much compared to male servicemen (the number of Assad’s regular units is more than 130 000). However, women have sharpened their skills and practiced the art of killing every day and have turned into a real threat to terrorist clans and armed gangs. The main terrorists’ fear was to be killed by one of Syrian women. According to the surias of the Koran, if a soldier who fell in the name of Islam is killed by a woman who will not be given 72 hawras in the paraside.

On the other hand, it was this that caused the hatred of the IS terrorists to any of the female representatives who fought against them. Terrorists declared a manhunt on them, and they spared women neither in battle nor in capture, they tortured them till they were dead. The terrorists might try to put a scare into future snipers and machine gunners. But it did not produce the desired effect, the number of women's units went on increasing despite the danger of being killed. Each of these girls is ready to die, and they have a grenade if worse comes to worst. To use it is better than to get into the hands of killers alive. Syrian women were warned about this.

Before volunteers are sent to the front they undergo compulsory four-month courses where they learn to handle small arms: the Kalashnikov rifle, Russian MC-116M rifles or the Kord large-caliber machine gun. Some of them manage to master foreign arms made in America or Israel. These are so-called trophies found in the liberated cities.

Some of them get a sniper rifle SVD. The profession of a sniper is the most difficult and requires moderation, patience and attention. On the front line, especially if the battle goes in urban conditions, a sniper girl has only a few seconds for an accurate shot. Few of the volunteers manage to obtain military specialists’ and instructors’ permission to master these skills during the training course.

Four months is not a long time for military training. Especially when it comes to those who holds an arm for the first time. The acquired knowledge is practiced on the front. The more learn the girls during the training period, the more likely will they survive. An enemy bullet is indifferent to its target be it a man or a woman.

Women serve in diffirent places of the country. These are numerous roadblocks in the provinces of Damascus, Homs, Aleppo, which are now constantly being attacked by suicide bombers.

Some units participate in offensive operations and cover units of the Government forces. For example, the girls showed heroism and courage when the Government forces conquested Deir ez-Zor, assaulted Mayadin and attacked Abu Kamal.

During the first days of November sniper teams controlled the determined sectors. Due to the professionalism of each of the women it was possible to knock out the IS* militants from these settlements. Sniper girls killed more than a hundred terrorists who, according to the Koran, will never enter the Garden of Eden.

* A terrorist organization banned in Russia.

Nonfeminine Art: Syrian Beauties Combat the IS Beasts (PHOTO) | Русская весна
Nonfeminine Art: Syrian Beauties Combat the IS Beasts (PHOTO) | Русская весна
Nonfeminine Art: Syrian Beauties Combat the IS Beasts (PHOTO) | Русская весна
Nonfeminine Art: Syrian Beauties Combat the IS Beasts (PHOTO) | Русская весна
Nonfeminine Art: Syrian Beauties Combat the IS Beasts (PHOTO) | Русская весна
Nonfeminine Art: Syrian Beauties Combat the IS Beasts (PHOTO) | Русская весна
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