Syria: Su-30 fantastic manoeuvre, plane «looked inside» transport Il-76 (VIDEO)

Syria: Su-30 fantastic manoeuvre, plane «looked inside» transport Il-76 (VIDEO) | Русская весна

Russian military pilots in Syria do not stop impressing us with astonishing manoeuvres.

The new video shows military transport Il-76 plane delivering humanitarian cargo to Deir az-Zor province guarded by multifinctional Su-30 fighetr plane based at Hmeymim airbase in Latakia.

After cargo dropping Su-30 literally peeped in Il-76 by flying up very close to transport hatch. Distance between the planes was so short that servicemen talked to each other with the help of gestures.

The pilot showed its skills in strong airflows zone produced by heavy transport plane’s engines. 

After the manoeuvre Su-30SМ turned around spectacularly and shifted its position

Some netizens assumed that fighter plane is equipped with rear zone anti-missile radar so it deliberately exposes itself for possible ground missie attack while Il-76 is gaining equired altitude which is more than 5 km. 

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