NATO compains «Russian propaganda» being too efficient

NATO compains «Russian propaganda» being too efficient | Русская весна

Head of the military committee of the North Atlantic alliance, General Petr Pavel, called Russia and its information policy one of the most important challenges that NATO faces.

This is reported by the Czech portal

According to him, Moscow is trying to change the world order in accordance with its «national model of society».

He noted that Russia does not pursue a policy of aggression in its traditional sense with regard to the alliance, but uses «hybrid tools, in particular, propaganda disseminated by the media and social networks».

«Russia is trying to shake the way Western society perceives NATO, its goals and actions,» Pavel said.

He stressed that Moscow had succeeded in this.

«Since audience usually perceives information through subtitles and abbreviations, artificially created information may seem correct,» he added.

The general called on the alliance to strengthen the unity that @Russia is trying to undermine».

«We show our opponents that aggression has high price, and it has little chance of success,» he concluded.

In the end of April a meeting of the Foreign Ministers of NATO countries was held in Brussels. The parties confirmed then that they would continue to pursue a policy of deterrence against Russia. As NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg noted, it was important for the organization to react quickly to the emerging challenges, as was the case with the Salisbury incident.


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