Refugees slaughter: Turkish military killed over 400 Syrians including children and women

Refugees slaughter: Turkish military killed over 400 Syrians including children and women | Русская весна

«Syrian observatory for human rights» has made number of whistleblowing announcements regarding crimes committed by Turkish servicemen and their affiliated militants. 

On July 31, the "Syrian Palestinians’ Information Bureau" which is oppositional to Damascus reported the deaths of four Palestinians under the bullets of Turkish gendarmes, who were trying to cross Turkish border from Northern Syria.

According to London-based «Syrian observatory for human rights», Turkish gendarmery have killed about 396 Syrian people when they had tried to cross Syrian-Turkish border. All these crimes were committed since 2011 when Syrian authorities had closed border crossing points after the crisis had broken out. 74 people of all the killed were minors under 18 y.o., 36 more  — women above 18. 

All those people have become victims of civil war, since most of them had no relation to any criminal schemes and just tried to get to Turkey, fleeing from havoc. They did not have the means to "fish out" a Turkish visa or the opportunity to obtain a refugee certificate.

At the same time, «Syrian Observatory for Human Rights» said that Western media silenced the tragedy in the Kurdish canton of Afrin, which had been seized by the Turks and Turkish-cntrolled militants several months ago. According to SOHR, about 1,000 people were kidnapped for ransom, local residents are systematically robbed, raped, extorted, population of the district lives in disastrous humanitarian conditions.

It is being reported that town of Afrin and its suburbs still witness crimes towards refugees’ belongings. Iniquity is committed by the armed groups participating in Turkish military operation «Olive branch».

«”Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” received numerious complaints from people regarding everyday persecution they have to live under, their rights are being constantly violated. Turkish forces and opposition groups continue to expel and arrest Syrian civilians in Afrin area under the pretext that they are linked to Kurdish paramilitary groups. Local people are sent to the headquarters in Afrin district, where they are being interrogated, tortured and insulted, number of abductees has reached 1,000 recently, they and their relatives are demanded ransom for release», said organization’s statement.

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