Terrfying plan: Islamic militants kidnapped a lot of children to get rid of and to justify US attack on Syria

Terrfying plan: Islamic militants kidnapped a lot of children to get rid of and to justify US attack on Syria | Русская весна

On August 29 a number of Syrian human rights resources reported the disappearance of dozens of children in the opposition-controlled areas of Aleppo Province.

According to local residents, in the settlements of Atarib and Salva, as well as in the Kah and Atma refugee camps, after the raids by the militants "Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham" ("Jabhat al-Nusra" *, the former Syrian wing of Al-Qaeda *) at least 40 children disappeared.

These are mainly orphans from among the refugees. Many of them come from the towns of Al-Zarb, Khan-Tuman, Khan al-Asal, Tarmanin, located to the west of Aleppo.

According to southern Idlib residents from the villages of Bassam, Joseph, Al-Rami, Marjan, in the mountain region of Jebel Zawiya at one of the Nusrah bases there is a point where kidnapped children are accomodated. 

Given that during the chemical provocation in Khan-Sheikhoun (April 4, 2017), the terrorists used orphans from among the refugees, human rights activists have serious concerns about the fate of the young prisoners of Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham.

Most likely, the militants are preparing to kill them to pass off the chemical attack by the Syrian army, which should justify US aggression against the Arab Republic.

Please mind that 5 years ago “Jabhat An-Nusra” gangs having swept down an army barrier were raiding villages in the north of Lattakia province. According to official figures, about 400 people were killed, and in the most cruel way - they did not spare anyone, the bandits hung bodies on the trees.

However, relatives of residents of those villages said that there were even more dead. In addition, hundreds of people were missing - they were kidnapped. After provocation with alleged chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta, on August 21, 2013, when all the world media together, without any investigation laid the blame on the Syrian army, photos of the killed children appeared. And no one in the West wondered - why there are the children only? Where are their mothers, other adult relatives? So, some of the children were identified by their relatives from photographs — those who disappeared from villages in the north of Latakia before the “chemical attack”.


* terror organization banned in Russian Federation.

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