Militants keep on striking Aleppo (VIDEO)

Militants keep on striking Aleppo (VIDEO) | Русская весна

Islamist militants from Idlib deescalation zone keep on terrorizing Aleppo delivering artllery strikes on the most populated city districts. 

Fresh «Russian Spring» report from Syrian Arab Republic tells more about this. 

«Russian Spring» war reporters came to hospital to see medical staff and the injured.

Doctor: October 19 at 10 pm 5 people were wounded in Zahra area (city of Aleppo), everybody were delivered medical assistance including haemotherapy.

The injured: There were a lot of artillery strikes on Zahra area earlier. I was just going to close my shop but the shell hit my car and I gout wounded. I don’t remember what happened after that I came round at the hospital. 

«Russian Spring» war reporter: Do you know where the strike came from? 

The injured: I don’t know for sure but I guess it was done by «Jayish al-Hor» militants.

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