Syrian air defense forces repel missile attack over Damascus (+ VIDEO)

Syrian air defense forces repel missile attack over Damascus (+ VIDEO) | Русская весна

Syrian air defense forces shot down several missiles in the sky over the province of Damascus, state-owned Syrian media reported.

"The Syrian air defense on Tuesday evening repelled the attack and intercepted enemy targets over the western part of Damascus," reports SANA.

SANA reporter said that the aggression was committed from Lebanese territory, but several enemy targets were shot down before reaching their goals.

Eyewitnesses report and publish footage of how anti-aircraft missiles fly over Damascus and explosions thunder in the sky.

Meanwhile, the Lebanese media reported that the Israeli aggressor planes conducted a series of illegal raids, invading southern Lebanon.

“Israel’s military aviation flew low-level flights from 10:00 pm to 10:10 pm, imitating strikes in Nabatia’s and Tufa’s airspace,” the Lebanese national news agency NNA reported.

In addition, it is reported that the aircraft of the Israeli Air Force came from the sea and flew at low altitude over the cities of Tire and Said.

According to the Lebanese, during these flights, they used defenses against air defense.


Some Arab media claim that at least 22 rockets came from Lebanese airspace.

The attack occurred a few hours after landing at the Damascus International Airport of the Iranian Boeing, presumably with military cargo for “Hezbollah” on board.

The press service of the Israeli Defense Forces stated that one of the Syrian Arab Army's anti-aircraft missiles was intercepted in the skies over Hadera over the Golan Heights. Locals write about what they heard explosions.

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