"Stab in the back" - Kurds are furious as US withdraw from Syria

"Stab in the back" - Kurds are furious as US withdraw from Syria | Русская весна

The armed forces “Forces of Democratic Syria”, whose backbone is Kurdish, strongly condemned yesterday’s decision by US President Donald Trump to withdraw American troops from Syria.

The Kurds called the actions of the Americans "a stab in the back."

Let us recall when on 19th of December the American leader announced a "new phase" of the military campaign in Syria and the withdrawal of troops from the country. According to Trump, the US military has fulfilled its sole mission in the SAR - “triumphed” over ISIS terrorists *.

The American contingent in Syria consists of about 2 thousand people. They work closely with the Syrian Democratic Forces, which include Kurdish YPG self-defense units, which Turkey regards as terrorist.

Recall that the United States conducts military operations in Syria without the consent of the legitimate government of the country. The Syrian authorities have repeatedly appealed to the UN to bring the United States to justice.

* terror organization banned in Russian Federation

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