Trump claims US-backed forces reclaimed 100% of ISIS territory in Syria

Trump claims US-backed forces reclaimed 100% of ISIS territory in Syria | Русская весна

Donald Trump declared Thursday that US backed forces have retaken 100% of the territory once claimed by ISIS in Syria, an announcement that surprised US officials and regional allies leading the fight who told CNN the battle isn't over.

"We just took over you know you kept hearing it was 90%, 92%, the caliphate in Syria, now it's 100%, we just took over 100% caliphate, that means the area of the land we're just have 100% so that's good," Trump said while addressing US troops at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Alaska on his return trip from Hanoi.
But an official with the Syrian Democratic Forces told CNN's Ben Wedeman the fighting is ongoing and that they were "surprised by this statement" from Trump.
The official also noted that more than a thousand civilians have left the last ISIS enclave within the last few hours.
Multiple US officials told CNN's Barbara Starr that civilians still remain in the last piece of territory remaining under ISIS control.
Trump's comments Thursday followed his December announcement that the US would withdraw US troops from Syria, a decision that has been met with stark opposition from military and intelligence officials who say they were not consulted on the matter.
In December, Trump tweeted, "We have defeated ISIS in Syria, my only reason for being there during the Trump Presidency," later releasing a video where he said US troops are "all coming back, and they're coming back now."
The decision prompted the then Defense Secretary James Mattis to resign from his post the following day.
While Mattis' resignation letter to the President did not explicitly cite his opposition to removing US troops from Syria, the retired four-star general was privately adamant in urging Trump against the pullback.
Last week CNN reported that Trump has agreed to keep about 400 US troops in the country following the withdrawal of most of the troops, according to a senior administration official.


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