Newest Russian combat helicopter attacked militants in Syria for the first time (VIDEO)

Newest Russian combat helicopter attacked militants in Syria for the first time (VIDEO) | Русская весна

The newest Russian combat helicopter Мi-28НМ was first caught on camera during Russian Air Force’s operation in Syria. It can be distinguished from its precessor by modified nose.

Media propaganda wing of pro-American «Jayish al-Izza» islamist gang released a video where a pair of combat helicopters «serves» isamist militants near Hama and Idlib provnces border.

Мi-28НМ along with Мi-35 М operate in Latamina village area in the north of Hama.

Terrorists regularly strike Christian town of Mharda from Latamina. Mharda is being defended by militia fighters and Syrian army.

It should be mentioned that «Jayish al-Izza» («Army of glory» — arab.) illegal armed group is one of the main receivers of TOW anti-tank missile systems delivered to Syria by Pentagon. The gang has been publishing videos showing attacks on SAA’s military hardware and objects from American anti-tank missile systems for many years. Members of that gang have tried to down Russian war planes more than once but failed.


As previously reported by «Russian Spring», Мi-28НМ is created on the base of combat helicopter Мi-28Н «Night hunter». The new one is produced by «Rosvertol» aviation company owned by «Helicopters of Russia» holding, incrporated into «Rostekh» state corporation.

Uprated «Night hunter» is equipped by a spacious cabin with two sets of controllers. Now navigator-systems operator can also fly a helicopter. Мi-28НМ also has a uprated fuselage.

Uprated hilcopters got new engines with enhances specifications due to which operational reliability in hot climate and high mountain regions looked up significantly .

Мi-28НМ is fitted up with enhanced blades which increase maximum air speed and cruise speed.

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