URGENT: Air strike on Aleppo (VIDEO)

URGENT: Air strike on Aleppo (VIDEO) | Русская весна

«Russian Spring» war reporter Oleg Blokhin reports a strike on Aleppo.

«Aleppo, area of Jibrin settlement siatuated between Nayrab camp and the airport, explosions are heard near airport and Sheikh Najar industrial site. According to preliminary information these areas were targeted by either missile strike or air strike», — he says.

According to «Russian Spring», Iranian military objects in Aleppo province were subjects of the attack.

At the same time SANA agency refers to a military source and claims that Syrian air defence have repelled Israel’s air attack on Aleppo.

«Wednesday, Syrian air defense batteries opened fire on “hostile Israel missiles” near the northern Syrian city of Aleppo on Wednesday night which was targeted several bases near an industrial zone by the airport and that air defenses had managed to intercept several incoming missiles», — says the report.

A source said that only material damage was caused.

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