ISIS published shots of captured Russian servicemen (VIDEO)

ISIS published shots of captured Russian servicemen (VIDEO) | Русская весна

ISIS *propaganda wing published shots of captured Russian servicemen (or PMCs) in the desert region of Badia in the Syrian province of Homs.

When interviewed by Syrian militants, it became known that in the back of the bandits' pickup truck were seriously wounded Russian soldiers, who soon died from their wounds.

You can clearly hear how the captured Syrian, most likely the translator, says: "Rus, Rus."

Presumably, this video could have been made after an ambush on February 22, which resulted in the death of three Russian servicemen travelling in an army UAZ.

Note that the uniform on a person with a Slavic face is atypical for our contingent in the SAR; rather, it resembles SAA uniform.

Please bear in mind that recently Syrian media published footage from the desert terrain in the northeast of ATS, where a UAZ bullet riddled with bullets was captured, on which servicemen of the Russian armed forces and a translator were moving, blood was visible on the frames. No bodies were found on site. March 25, the Russian Defense Ministry confirmed the information about the deaths of three soldiers.

​* terror organization banned in Russian Federation

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