Why do Turkish media intimidate society with war on Russia?

Why do Turkish media intimidate society with war on Russia? | Русская весна

Turkish media keep spreading fears of possible transition of conflict between Moscow and Ankara into direct armed stand-off.

Front pages of mainstream newspapers and magazines are screaming «Russia and Turkey at the edge of war» or «War between Turkey and Russia – not a mere speculation but a solid possibility».

Taking into account censorship which overhelmed the Turkish media it is obvious that Erdogan’s regime approves and encourages such publications directed at panic-driven fears and stampeding people into believing that a new war is inevitable.

Ankara surely has a very clear understanding of the fact that Turkish Armed Forces cannot compete with the Russian Army under any circumstances being unmatched in military equipment, caliber of leadership, military personnel qualification as well as in a whole range of other indicators.

Due to that one can hardly say that such hoaxes are published to prepare Turkish people for possible war as it is often done at the brink of armed conflicts.

So it’s aimed at creating additional tension in the region, at destabilization of ceasefire and discrediting Russia as a ceasefire main guarantor by picturing Moscow as an aggressive party and unpredictable political player.

A few independent Turkish journalists left who escaped prison for their publications are watching Ankara’s policy wide-eyed. Because apart from ISIS* and Jabhat an Nusra* only Ankara is expressing dissatisfaction with ceasefire regime in Syrian Arab Republic — president Erdogan and prime-minister Davutoglu.

Despite the fact that they reserved approval at the official level the whole range of announcements and actions speak for themselves: Turkish authorities are not sincere and committed to further escalation of violence in the region.

During meeting with village heads Erdogan went furious after Syrian oppositional armed groups had been mentioned. He is reported to scream in a hit of temper: «What is the hell wrong with „Jabhat an-Nusra?“».

It is prominent that despite his neighbours’ interests and global community’s well-established position on ceasefire Erdogan keeps on advancing additional demands trying to exclude Syrian Kurds (whom he hates) from the ceasefire process.  

«The ceasefire should not apply to „Democratic Union“ party and „YPG“», — insists Turkish president.

Turkish prime minister Davutoglu went even further and declared two days before Ceasefire Agreement in Syria went in force: «We will not abide ceasefire agreement in case if our security is threatened. We’ll take all the measures against Syrian Kurds or ISIS as soon as may be appropriate for us».

So the Turkish PM made it very clear that under any new circumstances Ankara keeps on acting out of war party’s interests paying no attention to global community’s appeals to hear all parties of conflict (except for organizations internationally recognized as terror organizations) and to do everything to turn temporary ceasefire into lasting and sustainable peace.

Repeated artillery shellings of the northen Syrian territories by the militants hiding in the Turkish territory which took place after the ceasefire agreement had come into force are proving that Turkey is not going to leave the path of provocations and further escalation of civil conflict in Syria.

«Russian Spring» expert team

* terror organizations banned in Russian Federation

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