American Middle East policy fuels civil wars

American Middle East policy fuels civil wars | Русская весна

Substancial support lent to terror organizations by the United States and the most belligerent «opposition» armed groups all over the world including Middle East destabilizes the situaton in the region and jeopardizes fragile ceasefire agreement made between all the main parties of Syrian conflict.

It is instructive to recall of recent secret supplies of BGM-71 TOW anti-tank missile systems. They were supplied to the so called moderate Syrian insurgents and information on supplies leaked out to the global community. Such missile systems, as we know, are widely used against Syrian Armed Forces and their allies.

Needless to say that Pentagon and CIA «hawks» are convinced the practice should be maintained, moreover — the assortment of supplies should be expanded, although Secretary of State John Kerry denies Washington’s «plan B» existence, which implies weapon supplies to Syrian opposition in case peace process fails.

It is notable that along with belligerent «oppositional» armed groups support the United States in pursue of their own geopolitical interests in the region keep on cooperating with the Kurds living in the northern Syria.

By the present moment the American military finished Ramilan military base construction in Syrian Al-Hasakah governorate controlled by the Kurds.

Besides Washington launched another military airbase construction — to the South-East of Kobani city in Syria located near the Turkish border. It is interesting that Kurdish BasNews information agency reported about construction launch on March 7th 2016, i.e. one week after fragile ceasefire took place in Syrian Arab Republic. It is important to mention that the information on base construction near Kobani was confirmed by both Democratic forces of Syria and USA authorities.

According to the experts the American military bases in the North of Syria are multifunctional as they are located in a strategical region in close vicinity to Iraq and Turkey.

American air freighters and helicopters are going to deliver not only relief aid to the local population in Kurdish regions of Syria but military equipment and ammunition to armed Kurdish groups.

It’s obvious that Washington isn’t slightly interested in real advance of national reconciliation in Syria and will eagerly provoke the most radical groups of Kurds to further destabilization of Syrian state being already shaken by many years of civil war and  exhausting fight against ISIS*.

The USA are ready to add fuel to the flames of civil conflict in another Middle Eastern country. The conflict which started in no small part due to their efforts. And they are ready to stir it up even more just to capitalise on a created chaos.

«Russian Spring» expert team

* terror organizations banned in Russian Federation

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