Five years after Gaddafi's murder: USA created every circumstance for ISIS prosperity in Libya and North Africa

Five years after Gaddafi's murder: USA created every circumstance for ISIS prosperity in Libya and North Africa | Русская весна

5 years ago on March 17th 2011 in order to please our «Western partners*» Then-President’s administration ordered not to veto resolution enabling Libyan Jamahiriya destruction. 

Vladimir Chamov, Russian ambassador in Libya was dismissed — for «inadequate comprehension of Russia’s interests». Everyone understood everything then.

Vitaliy Churkin said that «resolution projects was changing right in front of the eyes walking away from the initial concept proposed by League of Arab States. Clauses enabling massive military intervention were included into the text…»

The liberals applaused. Normal people could not affect the situation. 

Five years later, after Muammar Gaddafi had been toppled by NATO’s efforts the country was flooded by ISIS** terrorists and other radical armed groups.

Chaos and anarchy which reigned in the country right after Gaddafi’s death enabled further inland intervention of the terror groups.

Attacks on oil objects disrupted oil business, moreover oil prices reduction badly affected Libyan state treasury. About 2.4 mln of the Libyans are in need of humanitarian aid.

Lack of normal state authority created all the circumstances for ISIS full bloom on the territories along Southern shores of the Mediterranean Sea. USA and EU do almos nothing to change the situation.

Libya has already provoked one of the biggest crises since WWII which in its turn created ground for political upheavals in EU. European trade and energetic connections in North Africa are going to be threatened if chaos rises. Migrants from North Africa are bottomless source of concern and endless threat of possible terror attacks. 

Moreover this crisis may be spilled over to the neighbouring states which could become easy target for ISIS. But even despite of that both Tunisia and Algeria which protested NATO bombardments of Libya in 2011 are now opposing intervention and external management in Libya saying it is going to aggravate the situation.

Hard times have come for Algeria. Oil prices dropped – it complicates subsidies implementation which could help to fight the panic. Besides 79 y.o. president Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s health is source of concerns.

Basically North Africa understands that however hard it is Western countries’ help brings just more problems and plays into terrorists’ hands.

These countries’ governments are fully aware of the fact that NATO does not fight terrorism but stimulates its groth in the region and Libya is a prominent example of that.

* Vladimir Putin’s quotation

terror organization banned in Russian Federation

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