Ankara's special operation: will Turkish special services play havoc among Syrian Kurds?

Ankara's special operation: will Turkish special services play havoc among Syrian Kurds? | Русская весна

Turkish government has finally implemented the plan designed by the special service and aimed at playing havoc among Kurdish liberation movement in Syria.

By all possible means Ankara has bred and supported Kurdish armed organization inside Free Syrian Army whose main task is an armed stand-off to Kurdish YPG forces.

This organization which was nourished and cherished by Erdogan’s special service got a symbolic name «Sallah ad-Din grandchidren» in honor of the prominent Kurdish Middle Age commander. And it can already be proud of the first captured villages in the North of Syria: supported by Turkish long-range artillery it could gan control over several villages located between Jarablus and Aazaz.

These villages were previously controlled by the ISIS* terrorists that’s why in response to Turkish Armerd Force’s supporting fire terrorists carried out terror act in Turkish Kilis whch resulted in two civilians’ death.

One of the leaders of new movement Mahmud Abu Hamza does not hide substancial support the movement gets from Ankara and weapons coming from the United States (Washington traditionally denies its involvement in arming and financiang the movement).

Besides «Sallah ad-Din grandchidren» are struggling to get recognized as anti-ISIS international coalition member. At the present moment their number does not exceed one thousand fighters but financial and military support from abroad may double or even triple these figures.

Let’s not forget that Kurdish self-defence forces (YPG) are one of the most efficient players in anti-ISIS fight in Syria. Meanwhile experts strongly believe Turkish policymakers designs to be succesful and in the nearest future Syrian conflicts gets another dimension — steep aggravation of conflict among Kurds.

Erdogan’s motives are clear: divie et impear – not letting the Kurds to unite and concur.

Turkish leader is weriously scared by the news about Kurds working on unilateral federaisation in Syria. That’s because of deep-rooted but painful conflict between Kurds and the Turkish military .

* Зtorror organization banned in Russia

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