Refugees meet hate and harassment in Turkey

Refugees meet hate and harassment in Turkey | Русская весна

Ankara eagerly takes huge amounts of money from EU in exchange for a mere promise to solve refugee inflow problem but in fact it is not going to oganize decents environment for them on its territory.

As it turned out Turkish government did not bother even to inform local authorities of the agreements reached between Anara and EU. These agreements stipuate that illegal migrants sent out from Greece should be transferred to Turkish town of Dikili.

This was reported by Mustafa Tosun, mayor of Dikili. He uderlined that local administrations were not officially informed by Ankara. Due to this we (local authorities) found ourselves in the situation when all the comments are grounded on the rumours».

Dikili mayor has laso underlied that the town does not dispose of sufficient resources and respective infrastructure for allocation and proper medical care of refugees, so local authorities cannot provide normal circumstances for the coming people.

He warned that «our hospitals’ capacity are herdly covering our citizens’ needs». He said that with the refugees inflow this will affect «both migrants and local population».

It is also significant that Dikili population amounts to 40 thousand people in winter but in summer where tourists are coming this number may grow tenfold. The mayor underlined that the situation may run out of control of the government does not refuse the idea of refugee camp creation

«We already have serious problems in the field of security so how could we provide security if there is refugee camp here?!» — the mayor goes emotional.

Let’s keep in mind that the idea of sending the illegal migrants from Middle Eastern countries who reached Greek coast back to Turkey were criticized by Amnesty International. AI doubts that Turkey which managed to bargain huge tranche from EU in return to mere promise of ‘taking back the excessive refugees from Europe” could really provide decent conditions for people trying to escape war.

Taking into account the information from AI about cases of violence towards refugees in Turkey the humane treatment is out of the question. Point is that the Turkish military and security officers not only send Syrian refugees back to war-torn counry but also shoot llegal migrants at the attempt of crossing Turkish-Syrian border. One should also take into account groeing radicalization of the Turkish people: media have reported mass fights between the Syrian refugees and the Turkish more than once. Ususally the Turkish start the fight demanding from the Syrian migrants “to get back to Syria”. 


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