Bombardment without craters, «humanitarian» mortar gun and reporter-terrorist — Russian Spring investigation on humanitarian convoy destroyed in Syria (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Bombardment without craters, «humanitarian» mortar gun and reporter-terrorist — Russian Spring investigation on humanitarian convoy destroyed in Syria (PHOTOS, VIDEO) | Русская весна

Humanitaian convoy heading for Eastern regions of Aleppo under the aegis of Syrian Red Creacent burnt nn the evening on 19th of September to the West of Aleppo (near Ure(u)m al-Kubra).

Cavalcade concsisting of 31 trucks was organized by such UNO humanitarian organizations as UNO refugges agency, UNHCR, United Nation High Commissioner or Refugees). Humanitarian convoy was labelled with UNO Agency and Red Crescent signs, its passage to Aleppo was coordinated with Syrian authorities and «moderate opposition» acting in that region.

However disturbing reports about convoy being destroyed started coming overniht into 20th of September.

The first fragmentary reports contained no details about who could be involved in the attack. 

Gradually Western media started publishing not only death toll numbers but also first hoaxes regarding the guilty: Syrian governmental armed forces and (or – according to anotehr version) Russian Air Force were appointed as the guilty ones. 

The so called Syrian human right organizations like London-based Syrian observatory for human rights and “White helmets” (operating on the territories controlled by the terrorists and known for close coopeartion with them) contributed to those hoaxes spreading.

Next investigation of “Russian Spring” will be dedicated to shady activity of “White Helmets” in Syrian Arab Republic, we would like to dwell on the fact that the man telling about «Assad’s and Putin’s crimes» is famous for his photo with “moderate Syrian terrorists”.

In this artcle we’d like to dwell on doubtful evidence provided by the Western “experts” claiming that humanitarian convoy had been destroyed by Russian and Syrian Air Forces’ airstrikes. 

In the aforementioned video the reporter shows burning trucks and torn diapers packs, blankets for refugees and other stuff like that. He speaks bad English because the main target audience for videos like that is English-speaking people not people from Arab world. 

It seems that the footage is to drive audience mad and angry and to turn people against Moscow and Damascus who supposedly organized such cynical attack on humanitarian convoy .

But upon a closer view Western version raises quite a lot of questions.

As you see there are no shell craters on the photos and video, there are no shell fragments impact marks (and the fragments themselves) and other serious damages which are inevitable in case of airstrike.

Minor damages of the vehicles could be caused by artillery fire of one of the terror groups operating in the area, for example Jabhat an-Nusra*. It could be even done “for the picture” after the vehicles had been already burnt. 

Version about unguided rocket missiles (which leave no craters) is untenable because in that case helicopters would be used (of course eyewitnesses “refreshed” their memory and “recalled” helicopters two days after the incident) and also because one or two blind shells would be found on the site.  

It’s obvious that burst wave in case of an airstrike would scatter cardboard boxes with humanitaian stuff and diapers packs for tens (if not hundreds) metres.

The same picture on the photos from the site are speaking for the same version: the stuff had been burnt at first then scattered in reliance on not very attentive and inquisitive audience.

However all the inaccuracy did not stop Foreign ministries of the USA, Germany, France, Great Britain and Italy as well as EU representative Federica Mogherini from making joint declaration full of harsh criticism of Moscow’s actions in Syrian Arab Republic.

In the declaration published on US Department of State official web site «outrageous bombing of a humanitarian convoy» is called one of the examples of «unacceptable ongoing regime offensive on eastern Aleppo, supported by Russia, blatantly contradicts Russia’s claim that it supports a diplomatic resolution».

In view of such accusations from the West it would be reasonable to remeber that convoy «attack» took place just two days after shameful confirmed (!) incident of bormardment of Syrian governmental forces in Deir az-Zor by the US Air Force. This attack took lives of 83 Syrian servicemen and left over the hundred of SAA soldiers wounded.

Besides the attack of the American strike aircraft allowed ISIS* terrorists in the region to launch successful offensive against Syrian loyalist forces.

Against all this the whole story of destroyed humanitarian convoy in Aleppo looks like well-timed and thoroughully directed play which is to divert attention from American attack of SAR positions in Deir az-Zor. Which was laso mentioned by Russian Ministry of Defence.

If we remember about American “Predator” drone detected over Ure(u)m al-Kubra some time before humanitarian convoy started burning it becomes clear that Western “strategists” could be involved in humanitarian cargo destruction.

To cut our story short we’d like to remind that the convoy under the aegis of international humanitarian organizations could not impress anybody with transparency and peacefulness.

The footage published by Russian Ministry of Defence shows military vehicle with large-caliber mortar gun belonging to the Syrian “moderate opposition” fighters. The vehicle was among the trucks loaded with diapers and blankets. 

“Russian Spring” expert group

* terror organizaion prohibited by law of Russian federation 

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