«White Helmets»: against Assad for Soros money — Syrian offspring of Western propaganda (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

«White Helmets»: against Assad for Soros money — Syrian offspring of Western propaganda (PHOTOS, VIDEO) | Русская весна

Over the recent years West (first of all the United States) has made propaganda compulsory attribute of all the wars and conflicts it is involved in.

Spreading distorted information, half-truth and overt lie to affect public opinion, systematic efforts directed at audience’s beliefs manipulation — that’s what Washington is good at.

It is typically that active combat actions zone is always situated far beyond USA national borders it’s US citizens who often fall propagnada’s victims, because their opinions and conventional wisdom is being formed under the influenece of the media serving American and Western European political establishment and elites.

The results are attained with all the variety of propaganda tools — starting from false interpretations and ending with overt lie when covering certain events.

To see Western propaganda machine at work have a look at White Helmets organization also known as Syria Civil Defence.

The organization was established not so long ago (in the beginning of 2013), but has already been nominated for Nobel Peace Prize almost at once.

Despite that Helmets’ chances for victory and even for geting in the short-list are not so high (there are much more distinguished and influential candidates among 376 nominees, like former US special agent Edward Snowden, whistle-blower Daniel Ellsberg who reveals Pentagon’s secrets, Pope Francis and candidate for US presidency Donald Trump) public interest for White Helmets has risen — such advertisment did its job. 

It’s interesting that «non-governmental organization» is being funded from state budgets of at least three main NATO members. And these are only official figures.

Helmets have received 23 million dollars from US government, 29 million dollars from Great Britain and 4,5 million dollars from Netherlands. According to unconfirmed reports the organization also receives financial and technical support from other EU countries.

Those who advocate the Helmets might say there is nothing wrong with odinary people («bakers, tailors, engineers, artists and pharmacists») who are attributed with saving «tens of thousands lives», providing first aid to badly wounded and other merits getting some support from the United States and their allies. 

Bit it’s not that simple and when we look a bit closer we get quite another picture of White Helmets’ activity. 

There’s quite a bright example of what White Helmets are: US Department of State had to make excuses when Raed Saleh, head of White Helmets came to America to receive award  from InterAction but was was denied an entry to the country as terrorists suspect on 16th of April 2016.

It looked like American foreign ministry speaker had no strict instruction on the case so he told the journalists: «in regard to any person suspected in connections with terrorist groups or in any actions which may threaten US national security we will do the same.

However it doesn’t mean that we should judge connections with the organization this persons is working for».

Despite some lack of eloquency peculiar of many American administration representaives the main idea of diplomat’s speech is quite clear — playing with terrorists and making strategic alliances with them end where there is direct threat to America’s own security.

Quite a number of international journalists writing about Middle East also have strong doubts in White Helmets’ decency. For example social activist Vanesse Beeley standing on positions of the soonest possible cessation of hostilities in Syria, consolidation of Syrian society believes that White Helmets are acting in the interests of some external forces who want to topple Assad and create environment for US military invasion.

According to her the organization concentrates its efforts in the areas controlled by Jabhat an-Nusra terrorists, but those “human rights activists” pay no attention to terrorists’ crimes, moreover they are trying to create positive image in the media for them, to whitewash them.

American journalist Rick Sterling agrees with Beeley, he called WH activists «highly efficient manipulators». According to him the organization’s main function is propaganda, which «demonizes Assad’s government and advocates direct intervention from across the border». 

In her interview to Sputnik Beeley told about White Helmets’ close cooperation with «Purpose» PR-agenc ywhoce aim is to plant the idea of Assad ousting necessity in people’s minds.

It’s interesting that one of «Purpose» co-founders Jeremy Haymans participated in creating global international organization Avaaz which is promoting “democratic values” in the Middle East and in many other corners of the world. 

Independent journalists pointed out a connection between Avaaz and Open Society foundation — NGO which was established under command of notorious billioner George Soros who is overt American influence agent at international level.

Soros figures in the most of publications and articles dedicated to White Helmets’ activity funding, this coinsidence is hardly random.

Find out more about Soros funding White Helmets’ activity and their propaganda fails in the second part of Russian Spring investigation which is coming soon.

* terror organization prohibited in Russian Federation

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