Shocking footage: «Dead man alive» after airstrike in Syria blew up the Internet (VIDEO)

Shocking footage: «Dead man alive» after airstrike in Syria blew up the Internet (VIDEO) | Русская весна

«White helmets’» propagandists — the notorious «humanitarian organization» (but in fact the group heavily tied to Jabhat an-Nusra thugs*) — put a shocking video to the Internet which could give Hollywood quite a run for its money.

The video shows a «deadman» lying motionlessly under the rubble for some time waits until camera shows him from avery angle and then suddenly «resurrects» and starts screaming (presumaby from pain). 

The actor played «a victim of bloody Assad’s regime and Russian Air Force», he lied rigidly on the ground and the two White Hemlets’ «volunteers» slouched over him. After the operator has comefull circle around them filming the «installation» from all angles «the killed» resurrects oncommand ad started screaming from alleged pain while the «rescuers» who were motionless lifted him up and carried away. 

Then «White Helmeters» sat motionlessly for 24 seconds over «victim’s» body which remains beyond normal logic.

It’s possible that the «directors» planned to use the same decorations for two fakes: photo of a «killed» and dramatic footge of  «rescue of a wounded». But someone’s moversight brought the full video to Internet.

This video went viral in social media in the Weste and in the Middle East havinh shocked a lot of Arabs and Europeans with quite an impudent perfomance none of the sencible people could not believe in.

Очень It’s interesting that the original video was promptly deleted from youtube channels and rebels’ media but searching machines cached and archived verisons saved references to it.

Fo instance one of the biggest antigovernmental media – RFS agency (The Revolutionary Forces of Syria Media Office) managed to brag about the «bloody» video and then shamefully delete it. 

This media resource serves with Syrian armed gangs and promises «professional andobjective coverage of Syrian revolution events».

It seems that “moderate opposition” members answerable for propaganda and their Western consultants put two and two together and realised that their uncouth footage became an obvious evidence of using staged videos by the «rebels». 

Some time later famous Syrian bloggers posted selfie of the «resurrected» with his «saviours».

However before video original had been deleted social networks managed to download spread it which brought a wave of criticism and mockery over the unlucky «diretors» and «actors».

«If they wanted people to throw into doubt the authenticity of all their past videos that is how to do it...», — says journalist Marc Moloney.

«Miracles, miracles», — comments top-bloger Lina Arabi.

«Wait, a group accused of fake reports is actially showing us just how easy it is for them to fake videos”, – says another famous activist.

«Everything s beautiful on this video: blood, soind efects, the guy playing his part. What А какие движения камеры! The whole stage is perfect!» — writes famous Syrian blogger @Souria4Syrians.

«Is it bad if I laughed?» — comments like that flood Middle Eastern and Western segments of social networks.

* terror group banned in Russian Federation

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