New horror movie produced by «White Helmets»: fear and loathing in Damascus (PHOTO, VIDEO)

New horror movie produced by «White Helmets»: fear and loathing in Damascus (PHOTO, VIDEO) | Русская весна

Notorious «White helmets» who were caught on fraud more than once released another staged video showing supposed civilian victims who suffered from governmental shelling. 

New video shows the first moments when «Al-Qaeda»*-linked civil defence groups arrive at the place which would be hit by shelling some tome later in Douma — Damascus suburb. If you watch the video attentively you can spot a lot of falsification earmarks. It ssems that there wasn’t big budget this time. There wasn’t any actors covered with blood after all.

The plot consists of very fussy running around which they try to pass off as evacuation of the wounded. Only one teenager may look like a wounded person but this also raises huge doubts. 

One of the «rescuers» is carrying the child on his hands, another one is opening ambulance car doors. Seems right, eh? 

But then the child is being carried past the car which is later will be closed empty. 

Then the cameraman has two right hands for some unknown reason. The reason is that the man in front of the cameraman is being pushed outside to the street as а there is “Action!” command may be heard. 

There are more inaccuracies in the video but it is already clear that the main task of the «white helmets» is not help to the wounded but preparation of the staged video and waging information war against letig Syrian government.


* terror organization banned in Russian Federation

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