Investigation: How CIA cover up traces of Ukrainian engines for North Korean rockets (VIDEO)

Investigation: How CIA cover up traces of Ukrainian engines for North Korean rockets (VIDEO) | Русская весна

Famous expert Michael Elleman deleted his Twitter account under uprising pressure against international scandal with Ukrainian engines for North Korean rockets.  

August 14 The New York Times and then «Russian Spring» told about ISS expert Michael Elleman's conclusion about possible Ukrainian origin of North Korean intercontinental missiles.

This stirred media worldwide and caused great scandal even making State Dep expressing its deep concern. 

Clumsy attempts of Ukrainian authorities to shrug off the accusations are so sweet we just can't help it. Poroshenko's propagandы puppet newspapers started to trupmet all over that Ukraine has nothing to do with that and accusing American scientists of being Russian spy. According to the Ukrainian «media» he was recruited while he was running a Cooperative Threat Reduction program in Russia, aimed at dismantling obsolete long-range missiles.

Concerns of Turchinov and «Narodny front» (People's front — one of Ukrainian political parties led by ex-PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk)  over missile issue could be explained by timing: leak and illegal trade with North Korea happened exactly in 2014 when those people were running interim government after Maidan state coup and ousting legit president and Cabinet. 

Discrediting the blue-and-yellow fosterlings does not play into hands of their American overseers. Panic has taken over Washington as the sitiation was an inch from 'out-of-control-zone'  so American special services started to cover up traces in their traditional manner. CIA's hand may be seen with a naked eye. 

Michael Elleman was clearly explained that he was wrong, he was promised a «Russiagate» for ties with the Russians and «Putin's fan» labes for the rest of his scientific career.

Elleman is not a fool so his was quick to correct himself. These are his apologetic tweets:

«Let me clear about DPRK’s source of ICBM engine: Yuzhnoye is one of several possible sources, there are other potentials in Russia. I don’t believe Ukrainian government condoned or knew, if the engines were sourced in Ikraine. To the contrary Ukraine srrested North Koreans in 2012!»

He rushed to give an interview to «Voice of America» where Elleman stepped forward with his hands up and voices his position for the most slow-witted:

«I had no contacts with the Russians. I am not Mr. Putin's fan. I have big sympathy for Ukraine. I stand against Crimes annexation. I play no part in Russian propaganda!»

The International Institute for Strategic Studies rushed to purge itself of any suspicions and tweeted that albeit engines for North Korean intercontinental missies were produced in Ukraine they were probably bought at black market. and delivered to North Korea by some criminal organizations. 

What could be more easy than resort to deeply-rooted stereotype of some omnipresent Russian 'lords of war' like Victor But.

But that was apparently not enough. Either bacause of Ukrainian couch haters attack or because of «twinges of conscience» Michael Elleman deleted his Twitter account ( as of 19:40 August 16 wasn't active).

The most amazing part of this story is Trump's silence. North Korean issue ykies central place in American agenda now. But how could one explain to an average American that Ukrainian «born» engines are installed onto Korean niclear rockets threatening Guam? After the pro-American state coup?

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