«We have full accountability of our personnel»: Pentagon reluctantly admitted heliopter crash, special operation failure and losses among personnel

«We have full accountability of our personnel»: Pentagon reluctantly admitted heliopter crash, special operation failure and losses among personnel | Русская весна

Western media almost every day publish debunking articles on alleged losses among Russian military in Syria, earlier they spreaded propaganda about Donbass war with the same vengeance. 

The aims are obvious: American authorities remember quite well when their command had to terminate Vietnam operation because of mass proptests against human losses. 

«Telling the truth» about Russian losses Washington is striving to lead Moscow to the same point — «take in sails» in the zone of American interests. This is what Western news agncies moved by when they perform their «investigations», quoting even ISIS* media propaganda wing, which sometimes report death of Russian soldiers and officers to boost the morale of the terrorists and their supporters. 

Reuters, CNN and BBC are echoed by the Ukrainian and even Rssian дiberal media claimimg that Rusian defence Ministry concal real losses in Syria. 

In the meantime America keeps on concealing its combat losses in Syria, Afganistan, Iraq and other countries. 

For example it is known that thousands of private soldiers fight therу which was repeatedly reported by world’s media but there wasn’t any reports about losses. Judging from indirect indicators they are numerous.

Today The New York Times reported strange circumstances of losses recognition: American military administration recognized military helicopter to be lost in Afganistan.

«KABUL, Afghanistan — An American service member was killed and six others wounded in a helicopter crash south of Kabul, the United States military command in Afghanistan said in a statement on Saturday» — reads NYT article published Oct. 28.
«The Taliban claimed early Saturday that their fighters had downed an American helicopter in the province’s Kharwar district, where it was to be part of a joint operation with Afghan commandos.»

According to Taliban transport helicopter «Chinook» was downed, this resulted in 43 American and Afghan military, the helicopter is reported to be burnt.

«No losses»

US military have been silent for several hours but then confirmed the incident with caution and claimed that it was «not the result of enemy action» and that «we have full accountability of all personnel.»

There are losses

Some time later Pentagon published another official message where it admitted death of one US service member adding that the circumstances of the crash were under investigation. «We are deeply saddened by the loss of our comrade," said Gen. John W. Nicholson, the commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan. Then «The military provided little detail on the circumstances of the crash, which the statement said happened late Friday in Logar Province». NYT added that a spokesman for the police in Logar Province said one member of the Afghan special forces was also wounded in the crash, which forced the cancellation of the operation.

It is peculiar that Fox News TV channel and other media which were first to report the incident were wishy-washy at describing other wounded who were onboard, they were definitely not going to include them all into medical losses: «1 US service member died and six others wounded»,  — that was the wording of that news while according to Pentagon the command had «full accountability of the personnel».

Later that evening Pentagon and CNN admitted those six to be Americans: «One US service member died and six other crew members wounded due to helicopter crash in Logar Friday night.»

«Six crew members wounded due to crash are getting medical assistance»,  — says the news. Let’s remind that Taliban* claimed 43 US and Afghan service members to be dead. It seems unlikely that military transport helicopter Boeing CH-47 Chinook crash could cause death of only one service member and 6 crew members. The truth may lie somewhere between those two propaganda messages.

New York Times underlines that, «As the war in Afghanistan continues to grow more violent, and the Taliban introduces deadlier tactics, the Afghan security forces have borne the brunt of the attacks, suffering losses some Afghan and Western officials fear they may struggle to sustain»

USA increase military contingent up to 12000 in Afghanistan while США losing the campaign

«Under its new strategy, the Trump administration has promised to send more military advisers and trainers to Afghanistan: Less than 9,000 have been publicly declared to be present, but the number may be closer to 12,000.

This was the 12th United States service member to have died in Afghanistan this year, according to a tally by the website iCasualties. Altogether, more than 2,400 American service members have died in the Afghan war since 2001»,  — sums up NYT.

Some time later Trump claimed that America was losing Afghan war and demanded to dismiss the command.

Well now there will be much more American military here and the losses will inevitably rise which means that US military administration would seek for new ways of concealing them.

Failure of US elite special forces while storming Syrian dam

Let’s remind that in the end of March 2017 US elite special forces supported by the Kurds stormed Tabka water power plant in Syrian province of Raqqa. There wasn’t any official data on that operation but local media covered it. Thus anti-ISIS news agency Raqqa-24 which proved itself as a trustworthy was the first to report losses:

«At least 3 American soldiers were wounded in midnight attack on, 4 SDF fighters killed and 9 DAESH* terrorists liquidated».

Later on the information about assault operation (but not about losses) appeared in Western media. We would like to underline that disastrous operation lasted several weeks and the islamists each time repelled coalition’s attacks which was very close to flooding hundreds of square kilometers while striking it from air. The result was poor: encircled terrorirsts were released from blocked Tabka and they left for ISIS-controlled territory.

Thus information on irretrievable combat losses among US troops in the Middle East regularly leaks in local meda and make Pentagon to admit them. 


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