Blame Russia and Assad: How Americans lie about Syrian situation to the whole world

Blame Russia and Assad: How Americans lie about Syrian situation to the whole world | Русская весна

These days Arab, Turkish and Russian newsfeedswere full of loud titles: «USA blame…», «America voices a complaint…», «White House es extremely concerned…» 

This may sound «paradoxically» but the concern from across the ocean caused by Russia’s and president Assad’s actions actions once again.   

We got used to such stance long time ago and mostly we just don’t pay attention. Still this time your humble narrator took a peek of these news. 

Well let’s start one by one.

What was the most ridiculous in WH press-sectretary Sarah Sanders’ speech: that woman managed to make clowns of their own military and good half of the American diplomats. 

«Trying to block Raqqa’s liberation Assad’s forces shell opposition’s troops», — press-secretary reports.

Let me explain for those who do not follow Syrian events: for the whole week Ameraican special services and diplomats boasted with almost full liberation of ISIS* self-proclaimed capital. Then it turns out that once peaceful city whish has been almost tirned to ashes by US-led coalition is still not protected from terrorists? Otherwise what are our forces trying to block then?! 

More details in our longread: US military shame: Coalition is about to free Raqqa for the third time this week (+VIDEO, PHOTO)

Equally ridiculous is State Dept’s announce. USA warned their citizens from travelling to Syrian Idlib province where Russian and Syrian air forces supposedly keep  perform airstrikes. 

What was the most laughable for me in that evidence-free accusation — the wording. I have never met crowds of tourists and foreign businesmen even in relatively safe cities like Aleppo and Damascus. As for Idlib it is controlled by «Jabhat an-Nusra»* terrorists as a matter of fact… 

May be that was such a stupid way to warn American intelligence officers or special operations staff? By the way according to the local residents there are plenty of them among the islamist militants. 

However American officials moved beyond those delorious announcements. State Department expressed its concern about Russia and Syria prohibiting to deliver humanitaian aid.  

Well… One can only imagine how many remote villages were visited by Russian doctors and rescuers saving Syrians from epidemies and starvation. Moreover Unitaed Nations Organization thanked Moscow for assistance in huanitarian aid delivery. Though Americans may mean weapory and muntion delivery to the militants — that "aid" is really being destroyed by aviation and artillery. 

Thatnks to the next “pearl of wisdom” I learnt really good news. It tured out that American service members are concerned by Serb sappers participationin Syrian towns demining. 

To be honest I am not moved by American officials’ drama but the fact that another friendly country helps us is a good sign.  

Well most of the Syrians smile through tears when they read news about their homeland written by those who destroyed native Americans. Because from one hand we cannot take them seriously from the other it would be much funnier if American, Israeli and even Estonian shells were not exploding here and there! 

Riyad Fareed Hijab, Syria, Aleppo

Riyad Fareed Hijab (born 1987). Was born in Aleppo. Graduated from Sankt-Petersburg State University. Returned to Syria in 2017.

* terror organization banned in Russian Federation. 

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