Syria : Another attmept to blame Russian AF turned out a complete washout 

Syria : Another attmept to blame Russian AF turned out a complete washout  | Русская весна

On the seventh of June number of biased Western news agencies trumpeted another «horrendous» airstrike on Idlib hospital commited allegedly by Russian Air Forces. 

The Internet eagerly showed another series of blurred photos take with shaking hands: nothing is seen exactly, tearful children, rivers of blood etc. Usual set of special effects produced by «Withe Helmeted Hollywood».

The «tried and true» scenario which has been used by the militants' directors dozens of times during Syrian war turns out to be extremely interesting for hysterical pro-American media and the so called human rights monitors. 

Too obvious, botched job, a lie which has crossed the incredibility line, repeated like one thousand times is losing its influence on people. There is such thing like habituation, nobody cares for the news which don't even look like truth. 

But this time «White Helmets» did not even bother to reach likelyhood because Russian war plane had not been in ther air over Idlib. Looks like US State Department cut off financial pipe for its dull puppets which name has already become a synonim for the most blatant lie.  

«All the messages from London-based „Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” and „White Helmets” about an alleged airstrike committed by Russian war plane in the evening of June 7th in the area of Zardana village in Idlib province do not correspond with reality», — that was told at Russian Defense Ministry.

Russian MoD has also informed that according to the available data over the last 24 hours there were «fierce battles between «Jabhat an-Nusra»* large group and oppositional „Jayish al-Ahrar” gang including artillery in that region of Idlib province». 

Syria's and its allies successful actions against gangs and terrorists of all kinds, Western puppt masters' impotence to protect its pups from fair requital make illegal armed groups' members fear for their lives.  

Time of global terrorism in Syria runs to its end.

*terror organization banned in Russian Federation

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