How Ukrainian propaganda makes fakes out of OSCE photos (PHOTO)

How Ukrainian propaganda makes fakes out of OSCE photos (PHOTO) | Русская весна

Occupation of demilitarized zone settlements by the Ukrainian military, where there should be no troops according to the agreements, has long been a traditional practice.

After another “frog leap” in the so called gray zone the Ukrainian propagandists always come fforward to present the treachery as a great victory. However, it often happens that their attempt to create a beautiful fairy tale turns into a deafening failure.

One of the most striking examples was the publication as of June 24 by Ukrainian Apostrophe news outlet : there was  an article about the bombardment of the Chigari village by DPR army (which is called "Pivdennyi" in the Ukrainian media). With a reference to press service of the operational command "North" it tells a chilling story of "militants purposefully destroying populated areas in the Donbass."

Say, as a result of these attacks, whole streets are burning, and firefighters being targeted by DPR militants, simply can not reach the village. Well, the "valiant" Ukrainian military, who occupied the demilitarized settlement, do not have time to extinguish fires. The authors attach photos of artillery-destroyed houses as an evidence.

And that would be nothing, if not one "but", which changes the picture to the exact opposite. Not too concerned about ensuring the reliability, the propagandists took photos from OSCE report made during a mission in Chigari, it was published on OSCE’s official Facebook page on June 11, 2018.

What is characteristic is that the published OSCE report clearly states that such devastation, exodus of population and lack of utility communications and facilities came to the settlement along with the Ukrainian soldiers who had taken it by their own will.

The attention is drawn to the fact that there is virtually no untouched house left in Chigari, while a few months ago, when they came to the village, there were about 150 residents.

Now many houses are destroyed, abandoned or occupied by the Ukrainian soldiers, all of them are cut off from electricity, only few of them have running or drinking water. Local residents complained to OSCE observers that Ukrainian armed forces "brought even more violence and destruction to the village", that they hear gunfire and explosions every night.

"Much has changed since then. The streets were emptied after many residents were forced to flee to the neighboring Toretsk and Gorlovka.

Those who decided to stay suffer because of the lack of essential goods and get used to new neighbors, as the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who are present now on almost every street, occupy houses and build military positions in the courtyards of some of them”, - OSCE report says, photos of the long-suffering village are attached.

Thus, trying to accuse DPR army of mythical attacks on June 24, the Ukrainian command used OSCE SMM report as of June 11 which discredits UAF. As for the propagandists they joyfully picked up this falsification, once again confirming their reputation of producers of fakes.

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