Things are heating up in Syria: SAA blocks US base, Russian military persuade militants to surrender, helicopters in the sky (VIDEO)

Things are heating up in Syria: SAA blocks US base, Russian military persuade militants to surrender, helicopters in the sky (VIDEO) | Русская весна

The situation in Syria is still tense. An uneasy situation develops in the Southern de-escalation zone.

Over the recent weeks militants have fired, but this did not lead to full-scale fighting, contrary to reports from some media and bloggers.

Officers of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation continue to monitor humanitarian situation in the southern de-escalation zone.

"The situation over the past day has remained stable. At the border of the de-escalation zone in the province of Der’a there were armed clashes between Syrian government al forces and illegal armed groups, as well as mass exodus of civilians from settlements were not recorded”, – the Defense Ministry said.

"At the same time, despite all the efforts of the Russian Reconciliation Center, the humanitarian situation in the southern de-escalation zone remains difficult. Leaders of illegal armed groups controlling the distribution of essential goods in settlements in the south-west of Syria do not ensure that people receive enough food and medicines, withdrawing them in favor of the militants”, – Reconciliation Center’s message says.

Из-за осложнения обстановки на юге Сирии гуманитарные организации готовятся открыть временные лагеря для беженцев для временно перемещенных лиц. Первый лагерь для беженцев, рассчитанный на 1 тыс. человек, будет открыт в населенном пункте Крейа, в этом же населенном пункте планируется организовать гуманитарный коридор. Due to the deteriorating situation in southern Syria, humanitarian organizations are preparing to open temporary refugee camps for temporarily displaced persons. The first refugee camp, designed for 1 thousand people, will be opened in the village of Kreia, a humanitarian corridor is planned to be organized in the same village.

Air Force’s and SAA political instruction department’s operation 

Despite provocations by militants, the governmental forces do not abandon attempts at a peaceful settlement of the situation, even The New York Times reported yesterday that corresponding leaflets were dropped to settlements of Daile and Etbaa in the province of Dar’a yesterday.

The video provided by political administration of the SAA to "Russian Spring", shows a military information and psychological event in the southern de-escalation zone. Helicopters of the Air Force of the Syrian Arab Republic drop leaflets with appeals to militants who were entrenched in the settlements of Juddal, Quraym ash-Janoubi, Quraym ash-Shamali.

The units of the Syrian army continue operation of blocking from three directions of the Et-Tanf zone, where the main US military base is located, drawing off forces from the southern zone of de-escalation. There was information that there was a clash of soldiers of governmental forces and US-Islamist forces, according to preliminary data there are deceased.

«Tiger’s» new task

With the direct participation of Russian Reconciliation Center officers negotiations continue with the units of the Free Syrian Army to renounce armed resistance and settle their status. Thus, the commanders of the two SSA units Abu-Qusayr and Omar es-Suweidi, stationed at the border of the provinces of Es-Souwayda and Dar’a, decided to transfer their settlements to governmental forces.

There was information that against the negotiation process progress in southern de-escalation zone, Syrian command decided to redirect "Tiger Force" units commanded by Brig. Gen. Suheil Hasan to desert area to the north-east of the city of Es-Souwayda, where ISIS* gangs are left.


* terror organization banned in Russian Federation. 

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