Hunting «Russian bots». The Europeans snapped at British government when caught them lying (PHOTO)

Hunting «Russian bots». The Europeans snapped at British government when caught them lying (PHOTO) | Русская весна

Russian bots and trolls sharply intensified in connection with the events in Syria and the poisoning of the Skripals.

In any case, it follows from the official statement of the British government, voiced personally by Theresa May. Officials in Whitehall even know exactly how much the activity of bots has increased: by four thousand percent.

Almost all of the British media published these statements without having subjected any analysis and rechecking the "facts". The Guardian in the article "Russia spreads fake news by means of bots on Twitter after poisoning in Salisbury" cited examples of "Russian-based accounts": "

"One bot, @ Ian56789, distributed 100 posts per day from April 7 and covered 23 million users in 12 days ... Another, @Partisangirl, has 61 million users and 2,300 posts in the same period."

According to The Guardian, these are "Russian bots," that is, computer programs that automatically send out messages of a certain nature.

In fact, these are real people, and have nothing to do with Russia. And the journalists of The Guardian, like other British media, who published the same "news", it was not worth it to be convinced.

So, the account @ Ian56789, mentioned in the government report, belongs to a retired, subject of the United Kingdom. With him, you can easily contact, which made RIA Novosti. Ian learned that he was declared a "Russian bot", it was from your humble servant who sent him a link to an article in The Guardian.

Ian said that the other day, along with the release of the Whitehall report, was blocked by the Twitter administration. According to him, no one - neither the drafters of the report, nor Twitter, nor the journalist The Guardian - had any contact with him. As a result of the noise raised by Ian's readers who confirmed his identity, the account was unblocked, and the Twitter administration apologized.

What the journalists did not think to do. Even after the "Russian bot" personally visited the studio of the Sky News television channel, that is, "developed", as it is customary to say on the Internet.

Freeze-frame interview of a retiree from the UK, registered in "Twitter" under the name @ Ian56789, Sky News

I asked Heather Stewart, the author of the above article in The Guardian, to explain why two users of Twitter are called "Russian bots". The British journalist replied shortly: "This is not my analysis, but the government", triggering a storm of criticism on the Web. She was told that she was not a stenographer of the government and that the newspaper, labeling specific people, should first try to contact them and check the facts.

Moreover, another "Russian bot" (nickname @Partisangirl) is a well-known Australian journalist and blogger of Syrian origin Maram Susley. It was easy to install on Wikipedia or on her personal blog on YouTube.

Moreover, even in "Twitter" girl's account is verified, that is checked for authenticity, as evidenced by the corresponding icon.

Freeze-frame video message blogger Maram Susley, registered in "Twitter" under the name @Partisangirl

The Times, which launched an attack against all public figures daring to criticize Western policy towards Syria, in an article titled "The Skrypal Trolls Mobilized to Disseminate" News "on the Bombings," pointed to the "highli Lycley" of a Russian troll who pretends to be an activist from Finland »Citizen Halo. With reference to the representative of the American Atlantic Council, Ben Nimmo, the newspaper tied the supposedly false "finland" with the "Russian machine of disinformation".

Of course, the author of the article also did not bother to get in touch with Citizen Halo, which she reported in an interview with RIA Novosti. "Russian Troll" said that she was born in the town of Jyväskylä (central Finland), where she lives to this day.

In her video message to users, she also had to "develop" and declare: "I'm not a Russian troll, but a grandmother from Finland, a convinced opponent of the war. What could be easily verified, since I've been on Twitter for more than nine years. "

Freeze frame of the video message of a woman from Finland, registered in "Twitter" under the name Citizen Halo

As Citizen Halo told us, about a month ago, the editor of The Times, Deborah Haynes, approached her with the question: "The researcher identified you as a pro-Russian troll. Is this true? "Judging by the screenshots provided to us, the blogger denied it immediately. However, the newspaper claims that Citizen Halo did not respond to the request.

As we can see, the victims of "hunting for Russian bots" are mostly bloggers who never had anything to do with Russia. Just their opinion does not like the editors and "Kremlinologists" of the Atlantic Council. But goes to natives of Russia.

So, the well-known pianist Valentina Lisitsa, who now lives abroad and actively acts on the Net under the name of Eraser and Abyrvalg, told RIA Novosti that Deborah Haynes had applied to her. As a result, Valentina publicly demanded not to be harassed by her harassment on the Web for a "thought crime".

As some of the bloggers mentioned in the report of the British government and articles of the Western press told us, they consult with lawyers for filing suits for slander. Newspapers that have labeled real people as "bots" do not hurry to apologize.

After all, then it is necessary to openly and openly admit: Her Majesty's government frankly lied to its fellow citizens, blindly trusting the dubious reports of the American Atlantic Council. And if they lied in this, they could lie in the rest, as for the "case of Skripal" and "chemical poisoning" in Syria.

Vladimir Kornilov

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