Russia won without single shot, — Western media on a strike on Syria

Russia won without single shot, — Western media on a strike on Syria | Русская весна

The formal results of a decisive attack by Western countries on Syria are summed up. Russia proposed to condemn the attack to the UN Security Council. Three permanent members of the Security Council (they are participants in the attack) were against it. The resolution is not adopted.

In the world of real facts, the figures are also generally established: 103 rockets were produced. True, the president of the United States Donald Trump, who promised that they would be "new and clever", again beat all of them - mostly elderly "Tomahawks" arrived.

On approach to all strategically important facilities, they were shot down by the elderly Syrian air defense systems, developed in the Soviet Union just to fight the Tomahawks.

The British released eight rockets "Scalp", but, as proudly noted in the BBC, "each was five meters in length." In addition, they are newer: they were developed only twenty years ago.

The history with the French remains unclear: according to the leadership of France, they also released eight "scalps" from the fighters and three - from the ships. However, Russian military cynically note that there were no French "Rafale" in the sky. So it is possible that these allies of the United States received a credit for participation conditional - to maintain the collectivist spirit.

Damage: most successfully all this fell on unused buildings in the provinces of Damascus and Homs - in the sense that there missiles and controlled air bombs still managed to reach the surface of Syria.

In the rest, despite the surprise of the attack and the fact (strongly stressed by US officials) that "Russia has not even been warned": 

- not a single civilian perished;
- not a single soldier of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) was killed;
- not a single aircraft or helicopter was destroyed;
- there was not a single accidental flight into the zone of responsibility of Russian air defense systems;
- not a single used airfield used by the Syrian Armed Forces;
- seventy-one out of one hundred and three missiles are lost.

The actual effect of the action was even lower than that of the attack on the Shayrat airbase a year ago: at that time 59 "Tomahawks" managed to at least: a) spoil several aircraft, b) damage the taxiways, putting the airfield out of action for several hours, and c) kill several Syrians.

This ends the facts, because the group of experts of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons arrived in Syria only a few hours after the raid. Namely, it must establish whether everything happened at all, to which the United States resolutely responded. And what exactly happened in the city Duma.

Therefore, the main battle unfolded after the blow - and, as expected in our strange era, it happened in the media space.

Batalya began to question the question of how to understand what had happened.

Donald Trump, Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron insist that it was a muscular and verified retaliatory blow. That the goals are achieved, and the ability of monster Assad to laugh at producing chemical weapons to poison his people has been dramatically reduced. And that if he tries again, then the same crushing penalty will fly again, despite all the objections of Russia, because the time for negotiations has passed.

The press of Western countries in the mighty and crushing penalty is not certain.

Huffington Post, for example, bitterly states that:

1. The declared goals of Trump were to stop "the murderous behavior of Assad and show the steepness of his patrons - Russia and Iran." But none of the goals have been achieved.

2. All the more or less significant military and administrative goals were at the time of the attack under the Russian "umbrella", which Trump was afraid to touch.

3. As a result, Assad "will not stop the offensive," and Russia "is not challenged."

In the editorial comment Reuters "The main danger in Syria - Russia" is reported that:

1. Assad "already almost won in the six-year war" and does not intend to stop.

2. Moscow, warning in advance that "in the event of creating a threat to life, Russian employees will be bewildered not only by rockets, but also by their carriers," turned an action of unlimited justice into something purposeless. Because, the author notes, neither Russia nor the US is interested in a real battle between themselves in Syria.

Moreover, they are not interested even in showing each other the operation of their newest missiles and anti-missile systems - why feed the enemy with information. Therefore, the ancient same iron hoplites of the Cold War from the last millennium fought over the deserts and mountains of an ancient country.

3. There is no use to the final one. Even worse: it is now clear that the United States, of course, can draw a lot of big terrible ships to Syria and even fit the aircraft carrier. And spend a lot of old missiles. But it will be not so much a demonstration of force as "a demonstration of the impossibility of demonstrating strength." And Russia, as usual, "shows a master class on how to achieve maximum goals by limited forces."

That is, Russia, even without having made a single volley from its S-400 and "Shells", effectively established a framework in which the West did not obey it in pictures.

Note that this is not all reported by any "Russian state propaganda trying to save the face of the Kremlin." This is the British-American authoritative media so see.

However, other, also authoritative, media of the same countries regularly triumph and work out the version of Trump - Mei - Macron. A bloody tyrant received a lesson, if necessary, we can repeat, and so on.

... All this confirms the sad version stated by us on the eve of the attack: "In fact, the only explainable engine of what is happening is some damned universal HYIP, from which the elite of the West can not escape in any way.

Furthermore. It seems that no real results of the alleged punishment are needed by anyone. It seems that the Western leaders themselves would have been satisfied with inflicting a crushing blow in a virtual shooter, having the opportunity then to convince their audience that the enemy suffered heavy losses. "

As a result, we see a schizophrenic picture. Based on the viral videos, which have no independent confirmation, real airplanes were lifted into the air and real rockets were fired.

It was spent, according to various estimates, from 70 to 150 million real dollars.

However, all this real mega-strike in the real world did not hurt anyone. Moreover, in fact, it was necessary in fact only to ensure that in a virtual world (where haypuyut, tweet and exchange interpretations), someone convinced his audience that he had primary volitional signs.

It is gratifying that the leadership of the United States and the subordinate powers are still separating their inner media vids from the harsh reality. And the "holiday of disobedience of Russia" is held in specially designated places for this purpose.

But the whole thing is this. The next generation of Western leaders can no longer distinguish between where PR ends and a real war begins. And this makes ours, the real world is all the less safe and increasingly alarming.

Victor Marakhovskiy

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