Syria: New chemical attack and NATO's aggression against Damascus

Syria: New chemical attack and NATO's aggression against Damascus  | Русская весна

No one doubts the fact that a provocation using chemical weapons is being prepared in the Syrian province of Idlib.

As reported, there is confirmed data from several sources that the fighters of the terrorist group "Djebhat-an-Nusra" * (Syrian Al-Qaeda *) brought to the village of Kminas, which is located 6 kilometers from the city of Idlib, on three cars two dozen cylinders with chlorine and personal protective equipment.

Only it is not known yet, what will be the consequences of this provocation. Either, as usual, in the recent past, staged cadres about the consequences of the application, or real use and real victims among civilians.

The film crew was already lighted up in this village, where militants delivered a poisonous substance.

Dislocated in this village, representatives of the scandalously known organization "Syrian Civil Defense", also called "White Helmets" in the media, are preparing exercises for first aid to chemical weapons victims.

These exercises were shot on cameras, during breaks between takes, people talked in English, and on the microphones there were covers with the inscription of a scandalously known news agency CNN. So, the composition of the film crew is defined: "White Helmets", CNN correspondents, and, of course, for the extras the terrorists "Jabhat-an-Nusra".

Against whom this will be directed, too, there is no doubt. Well, who is the producer of this provocation, who is the main customer of these actions.

In order to answer this question, it is necessary to recall the recent speech of French President Macron, who stated that he would give orders without hesitation to order his aviation to bomb Damascus if chemical weapons were discovered or facts of its use or production were revealed.

Given the fact that most European leaders, including the esteemed Mr. Macron, are puppets in the hands of the US administration, which has never substantiated its presence in Syria, everything falls into place.

Puzzles have converged. You can build different forecasts, where and how this "chlorine" will now fire, but there is no doubt who is benefiting in any variations. And as usual, citizens of Syria will suffer from these provocations.

Syrian military and political expert Hamsa Abbas, exclusively for «Russian Spring»

* terror organization banned in Russian Federation. 

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