09.06.2017 - 12:45   
Switzerland urges Kiev regime to build contacts with Donbass republics  | Русская весна

Besides Switzerland sent humanitarian convoy to Donbass.

05.05.2017 - 13:44   
Who filmed OCSE vehicle explosion in Donbass, and why? (VIDEO) | Русская весна

As was already reported by RusVesna.su, a video of the explosion of the OSCE vehicle in Donbass was published.

03.04.2017 - 13:10   
Ukrainian Armed Forces use fake OSCE cars for provocations  | Русская весна

This is confirmed by special report of the OSCE SMM.

11.06.2016 - 13:28   
Massive protest in Donetsk rallies against armed OSCE mission in Donbass (VIDEO) | Русская весна

Thousands attended a rally in Donetsk, Friday, to protest against the possible introduction of an armed OSCE mission in east Ukraine.

19.11.2015 - 0:58   
Current situation at demarkation line between Ukraine and DPR (DETAILED MAPS) | Русская весна

Ukrainian tanks missing at storage sites - violation of weapon withdrawal obligations.

29.05.2015 - 1:58   
DPR asks OSCE to conduct public investigation of Gorlovka tragedy | Русская весна

Gorlovka (territory of Donetsk Republic) on May 26 was severly shelled by Ukrainian armed forces

26.05.2015 - 8:08   
Following ISIS’s path — Right Sector fighters cut fingers to captured militiaman (graphic content 18+) | Русская весна

We have already reported the hideous case of torturing the war prisoners meeing the definition of war crimes well off. Now we have additional details of what happened.

25.05.2015 - 13:15   
Ukraine signs decree allowing human rights disregard in Donbas after all | Русская весна

Ukraine parliament speaker signs decree allowing legally ignore human rights observation in Donbass war zone

22.05.2015 - 3:27   
Russia's reacton to Kiev's refusal to observe basic human rights in Donbass | Русская весна

Russia's head of the International Affairs Committee at the State Duma said he believed Ukraine undermined its positions both in the Council of Europe and the OSCE

14.05.2015 - 18:43   
Humanitarian crisis in Ukraine largest in decades — Russian Foreign Ministry | Русская весна

Russian diplomat Dolgov reminded that UN estimates the number of internally displaced people in Ukraine to stand at around 1.2 million

14.05.2015 - 16:16   
Another Russian convoy arrives to Donbas border | Русская весна

More than 100 trucks are carrying some 1,100 tonnes of humanitarian aid for the Donbass people, including foodstuffs, essentials, construction materials and textbooks for students

22.04.2015 - 9:06   
OSCE: fighting intensified around Donetsk airport and Shirokino | Русская весна

"The SMM observed a general engagement on the western side of the village, including tank fire, mortar shelling, small arms and machine gun fire," the report said

29.03.2015 - 17:15   
Russia urges Ukraine to lift blockade of Donbas — Russia’s ambassador to OSCE | Русская весна

It is necessary to use any available means to deliver relief aid to Donbas so long as it remains under siege, Andrey Kelin says

27.03.2015 - 2:46   
OSCE revelation: true disaster in Shirokino, no building remained intact | Русская весна

No electricity and water, children do not want to leave shelters

27.03.2015 - 2:03   
Donbass militia report Kiev’s heavy weapons within 30-kilometer buffer zone | Русская весна

According to DPR officials, 47 Uragan and Grad multiple rocket launchers, a large number of MSTA-B artillery pieces and Akatsiya self-propelled artillery systems have not been withdrawn from the zone

20.03.2015 - 15:25   
Kiev under pressure from warmongers — Russia’s OSCE envoy | Русская весна

What makes Kiev strive for war?

20.03.2015 - 15:03   
Ukraine to request UN peacekeeping mission in Donbas | Русская весна

Kiev will on Friday start consultations in the UN Secretariat on the format and the mandate of the future mission

03.03.2015 - 5:57   
Poroshenko confirms request to UN and EU about peacekeepers - Lavrov warns and denies | Русская весна

Head of the Council for National Security and Defense Oleksandr Turchinov should control implementation of the decision. Lavrov is convinced that it is important to focus on Minsk agreement implementation.

02.03.2015 - 5:12   
DPR finalises withdrawal of heavy weapons from engagement line - defence ministry | Русская весна

The withdrawal was suoervised by OSCE observers

23.02.2015 - 2:42   
OSCE: Debaltsevo is on brink of humanitarian catastrophe (PHOTOS) | Русская весна

No food, no electricity, no medicines in the town - report OSCE monitors after visiting Debaltsevo

21.02.2015 - 0:08   
Situation in Debaltsevo not to disrupt Minsk agreements — OSCE (PHOTOS) | Русская весна

OSCE special envoy Contact Group on Ukrainian settlement Heidi Tagliavini urges to consider the recent clashes in Debaltsevo to be only inconsistencies in the implementation of the Minsk agreements

16.02.2015 - 1:54   
The hawks want war | Русская весна

The Americans want to send weapons to Ukraine. It will be a huge mistake, says Asle Toje, Norwegian foreign policy expert

18.01.2015 - 12:18   
OSCE report: Militia has nothing to do with Volnovakha bus tragedy | Русская весна

The new video and explanatory photos inside.

16.01.2015 - 10:15   
OSCE inspected Novorossian radar locator (VIDEO) | Русская весна

Radar locator intended for firing positions scouting was inspected by OSCE.

06.01.2015 - 13:54   
05-06.01.2015 Ukrainian crisis news (VIDEO) | Русская весна

Highlights of the day

25.12.2014 - 6:57   
Ukraine peace talks conclude for night in Minsk | Русская весна

New Minsk talks ended Wednesday after more than five hours, with no indication of progress and questions about when the next round might take place.

23.12.2014 - 6:08   
Belarus to host a new round of Ukraine peace talks  | Русская весна

The first round of talks in Minsk produced no concrete results. What are the chances this time?

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