One pace away from the end of battle for Syria: West versus Moscow and Damascus (VIDEO 18+)

One pace away from the end of battle for Syria: West versus Moscow and Damascus (VIDEO 18+) | Русская весна

Against the background of the provocation of the Israeli army, the breakthrough agreements of Russia and Turkey on Syria faded into the background. Vladimir Putin and Recep Erdogan held long negotiations, which resulted in a memorandum on Idlib.​

Ankara has pledged to clean up at least part of the province from radical militants, but this situation is absolutely not satisfied with the States and their partners.

The fact is that the creation of a demilitarized zone may provoke new conflicts between various militant groups and resume previously stopped ones. As a result, this will lead to the intervention of the Syrian army, as it was, for example, in the province of Deraa, and the subsequent liberation of the region.

Regarding that the militants from “Front al-Nusra”* - “Jaish-al-Issa-Horas ad-Din” and the “Islamic Party of Turkestan” have already refused to comply with the Russian-Turkish Idlib agreements, it is likely that the previously written scenario is not excluded .

Naturally, this situation in no way suits the United States and the countries under its control.

In this regard, the West goes to all sorts of provocations and tries to divert attention from the destruction of the last stronghold of terrorists in the SAR - in the province of Idlib. For this reason, all kinds of provocations are being implemented by Western states.

It is possible that the same Israeli military worked on a tip from Washington and staged a provocation over the waters of the Mediterranean, with the result that the Russian IL-20 with 15 military men on board was destroyed by the Syrian C-200.

The US need fuss so they are trying in every possible way to put pressure on Moscow, so that Vladimir Putin will in no way achieve a settlement of the military conflict in the SAR and bring the situation closer to a political agreement within the republic.

In particular, the statement of Colonel Powell, former Colonel of the American Army, who served with Colin Powell, who recently confessed that the aggressor countries (the Western coalition) are looking for any excuse to conduct missile strikes on Syria, may indicate this

Let’s not forget that the White Helmets controlled by Britain have already managed to conduct a rehearsal of Himataks in the SAR, which according to Western plans must justify the missile strikes of the United States and its partners on the positions of the Syrian military.

The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) has released footage of the rehearsal of this provocation.

In their own turn, the US military are ready to send Tomahawks. The US Navy aircraft carrier Harry Truman entered the Mediterranean, the Sullivans destroyer with 56 cruise missiles on board was deployed, and B-1B US strategic bombers with 24 cruise missiles were sent to the El Udeid airbase "ground to air" AGM-158 JASSM.

The West is doing its best to thwart Russia's peace plan to resolve the war in Syria. But, apparently, Moscow will nevertheless achieve its goals in the region. The Kremlin responds to all provocations with a cold head, a warm heart and clean hands, which has already led to the liberation of almost all regions of the Arab Republic from militants.

Anton Orlovskiy, exclusively for «Russian Spring»

* terror organization banned in Russian Federation

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