You cannot listen to the enemy! Russia is in great danger once again

You cannot listen to the enemy! Russia is in great danger once again | Русская весна

A well-known Russian-Israeli writer, translator, publicist and public figure of anti-Zionism orientation tells the truth about American democracy and freedom of speech in the United States, calling on Russia to learn from the enemy.

The definition of "friend or foe" should work in any dispute, as an unconditioned reflex.

Just try telling an American that the official 9/11 version does not add up. Like, if the planes tale is real then why the third skyscraper fell; if everything was blazing - how the terrorists' passports remained whole; how could they call from the aircraft if there was no such equipment in those years; where are the wings of the plane crashing into the Pentagon ... I warn you - you will be flipped off.

If this is a chat, you will be expelled and banned under cries of general indignation. You can not sell a conspiracy to the American.

There are certain groups where truthers are found - “truth-seekers”, those whoinvent their 9/11 versions. They say it was a nuclear bomb, a nano-charge, and the CIA or the Mossad, or the neocons, or someone else, even reptiloids, did it. But they are not allowed into general conversation, they graze on their lawns. And if the truth-seeker breaks out and tries to express his comments, he will be driven away with wet rags. Or just say - "conspiracy theory!"

But that is not the case in Russia. It is not only the birthplace of elephants, but also the only country where people do not have natural repulsion from enemy conspiracy theories.

The story of pseudo-poisoning in Salisbury boils over. And the people are seriously thinking about leaks, which the enemy agents throw twice a week into Russian social networks.

How can it be that these two guys went there to visit the cathedral? They are chavs, they do not have good genes, and they do not even speak English! Yes, they on the cards for issuing passports have marks "GRU"! And people are discussing this nonsense.

Do not expect me to start refuting the fiction of British intelligence. No sooner than Thomas Friedman dispel the truth lovers' doubts about 9/11 in The New York Times. When pigs will fly.

We must remember that enemy remains the enemy. His intentions are hostile. It is necessary - if there is no possibility to shoot - to isolate, withdraw from the discussion.

The Il-20 warplane died because the definition of the friend-foe friend-foe did not work. But Russia will have the same fate if this system does not work. It should work on FB, it should work in any dispute, as an unconditioned reflex.

A person talking to you about the inconsistencies of the versions of poisoning in Salisbury means that this is the enemy. Let him talk about the inconsistencies of the story of the Holocaust in Israel or 9/11 in the United States. Then, when he returns, let's talk about Salisbury.

We need to know just one thing about Salisbury - it was a provocation by the British intelligence, which hid the Russian citizen Skripal and does not even allow her grandmother to meet her. And there are inconsistencies in any story. Is the Earth round? There are inconsistencies. Did the Americans fly to the moon? There are inconsistencies. 

Why do Russians agree to listen and even take this topic very close to their hearts? There are two explanations for this, historical and practical.

The historical one is the grim consequence of the breakdown of discourse that the Russians have experienced twice. The first time was in 1956, when Khrushchev thoughtlessly erased the memory of the past.

The second time was in 1988, when Gorbachev and his accomplice Yakovlev brought down the entire past Soviet narrative. That is, two times in their memory the Russian people were faced with an unusual situation - they were told that the enemies were right. This is hard to survive. The Germans and the Japanese were in the same position as a result of defeat in the war.

We cannot be sure that these two great nations will be able to recover from the blow suffered. The Russians survived these two breaks even without defeat, on their feet. As a result, the Russians became ill with ideological AIDS — the people had weakened immunity, allowing them to immediately reject enemy discourse without going into details.

A practical explanation is the lack of a normal hard response to a call. Do you think anyone of the American truth lovers takes a seat in the department of the institute or in the newspaper? There is no one. And what about the Holocaust revisionists? They are just in prisons. And their loved ones and relatives? Also nowhere.

What do we see in Russia? The “Insider” website is still on, openly collaborating with British intelligence. Roman Dobrokhotov is still at large, although in any country the person who gives out his scouts is ringing with shackles. His father still works at the HSE. Father is not responsible for his son, you say.

It was like that, yes. But we do not live in such a world anymore. In the USA and Europe there is not a single professor of a serious university with such family ties. He will be kicked out before the last issue of the newspaper cools. Our loved ones in Europe and America have long been kicked out of work for kinship with Russian sympathizers. Of course, is not necessary to throw him into jail - Russia is a democratic country. But it is necessary to push from work.

Let's learn from America. There, as my friend Noam Chomsky said, if the professor expresses doubt in the 9/11 story, the next time you meet him when he drives a taxi in New Jersey.

There are idea-driven people, but there are not many of them. Others strive to guess where the heads of the authorities bow. And by rampant hostile discoursemongers, and in the mild silence of the authorities, they are already preparing for the coming leak.

Israel Shamir

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